Contributor Incentives

Services We’re Looking For

1. Syndicated Posts

We appreciate all posts that are contributed to the TMF Blog Network -- at least those that aren’t written in all caps, are plagiarized, or that make outrageous and illogical claims. Some posts, however, are exemplary. They are thoughtful, clear, engaging, and express an interesting opinion regarding business or investing.

We make it possible to syndicate those posts, sending them to our partners for distribution to a broader audience. We pay the author $50 for each syndicated post.

Quality incentive

If your posts are awesome on a consistent basis -- they make us think, they show us something new, they make a point, they tell a story, they are clear, compelling, and Foolish -- then we'll pay you $100 per post.

How we judge quality

As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote in Jacobellis v. Ohio (granted, under different circumstances), we’ll know it when we see it. In general, write so that it will make your mom and the Fool proud. Tell a story, have an opinion, generally avoid penny stocks, don’t ticker-stuff (that is, including tickers for companies that are mentioned only peripherally in your posts in order to boost distribution), follow the “What, So What, Now What” approach, be Foolish, don’t use ALL-CAPS, check your facts, and put forth a genuine effort to provide outstanding content to our readers.

2. Video Summaries

Our cherubic in-house analysts produce immense amounts of video content, and as a result we have more timely video content than we have bodies to prepare this content for public consumption. We’re looking for thoughtful writers to watch each piece and summarize it in 200 words or less.

Quality incentive

We like summaries that are in English, and make some kind of sense. We pay $5 for each summary that we publish.

How we judge quality

Video summaries are spot-checked for quality by our Contributor Managers and Editorial Teams, and we track how many video summaries are syndicated to make sure reasonable targets are met.

3. Blog Reviewers

There are currently thousands of active and talented bloggers creating excellent content that we want to syndicate. To deal with the volume, we’re looking for trustworthy bloggers to help lightly copyedit and syndicate posts.

Quality incentive

A lot of our bloggers are so good that their pieces require little more than light copyediting to be ready for syndication.  As a result, we have an awful lot of high-quality content that we would like to syndicate off-hours, and will pay select contributors $25 an hour to copyedit and syndicate great content. Guidelines for the kind of light copyediting we are interested in are available here.

How we judge quality

Content syndicated by our Blog Reviewers is spot-checked by our Contributor Managers. We encourage Reviewers to spend no more than 10-15 minutes per post, and so we expect them to process 4-6 posts per hour. We understand that work can be lumpy at times, but you can be pretty sure we won’t honor your claim that it took 13 hours to edit four posts. While we encourage great bloggers to become Reviewers, they cannot syndicate their own posts.



When we pay:

Twice each month, we’ll review the roster of all our contributors and we will make payments to everyone in good standing who has earned $50 or more for the period in question. Your tax responsibilities are your own, but we will send you a 1099-MISC at the end of each calendar year.


Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2013

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