Now a Chance to Earn $500 for Referrals

Hi bloggers!

With an always entertaining Congress unwittingly contributing to a vibrant market and re-energized bloggers charging back after the holidays, it’s been an exciting start to 2013. A couple things of interest for you.

A Change in our Referral Program

We’re switching our program to incentivize quality over quantity of referrals. Starting at this exact moment, if you refer a friend, you’ll receive a $100 bonus after your friend has had five posts syndicated. However, if any of those five posts earns an Editor’s Choice designation, your bonus jumps to $500 upon the occasion of their fifth syndication (sorry, the maximum bonus per referral is $500 – you don’t get $2,500 if your friend goes 5 for 5, although we might send you a hat). Just send an email to with an introduction to your smartest friends.

Linking to the Forbidden

New blogger Dana Blankenhorn raised an interesting question: what happens when we want to include a link in our posts to content that lives behind a pay wall? Great question. Let’s go with this format: “Investors are ditching high-cost funds managed by pro stock pickers and shifting billions into index funds, according to a report (sign-in required) in the Wall Street Journal.” That way you’re leading them to your source material without smashing them head-first into a pay wall.

Checking in with the IRS

For our U.S. bloggers, our Finance team is going to be sending out 1099s at the end of January. They’ll be mailed to whatever address we had on file for you as of the most recent pay period. If this is not your current address, please email soon-ish to be sure you get your form.

More Change on the Way

And finally, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re inching closer to our new content management system. Five of our bloggers will be diving in early next week for a test drive and hopefully we’ll have everyone make the jump within a couple weeks. Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • The system is cleaner and less buggy overall. While it’s a visual change from the current system, it’s much more intuitive.
  • The days of Disqus are done, at least for internal purposes. Share notes back and forth with the reviewers as part of our platform (in the left column).
  • View a history of your post, including the ability to compare and see what was changed from step to step.

All this and more, coming soon! We’ll keep you posted.

Fool on!


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