Foolish Seasons Greetings

Dear Bloggers –

As we wind down the year, we wanted to take a moment (but only a brief moment because there are posts to be reviewed!) to thank you for all your contributions to The Motley Fool. In terms of the number of bloggers, the number of posts, the number of sessions, the number of contributors who have earned contracts with, and above all, the quality of your writing and analysis, we have blown away all of our most ambitious expectations.  

We’ll be slowing down a bit over the next week or so (the office is closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, plus for some reason, I’ve allowed our reviewers to take additional time off to be with family), but we’ll still be getting to your posts as quickly as we can.  In the meantime, we wish you a happy, successful, warm, and Foolish holiday season.


Roger, Tracy, Mike, Jamal, Mark, Julie, and Nathan

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