The Big Winners!

Hi Bloggers –

Hope you’re all having a happy, productive, and bloggy holiday season. Here’s the latest:

Bloggers Getting the Call

Congratulations to Steven Heller (TopDownTrends), Doug Ehrman (DSEWrites), Daniel Miller (dmiller5350), Asit Sharma (Finosus), and Maxx Chatsko (BlacknGold), five fantastic bloggers who have earned writing contracts with in the past month or two. While we started the Blog Network as a way to give a voice to the individual investor, we quickly found it to be an amazing talent pipeline for the Fool as a whole, both filling our stable of writers and bringing on new in-house Fools. As we bring in thousands of new bloggers and our talent development team continues their amazing work, we fully expect many more promotions.

Join Your Blolleagues on Facebook

We’ve mentioned this one before, but in case you’re new around here, the Fool’s social media team has created a Facebook group just for you (assuming you’re on FB). Get to the Blogger FB group by clicking, and then hit Join Group and you’ll soon be able to chat with more than 100 of your fellow Fool bloggers!

What’s Missing from our Platform?

The tech team is busy at work designing and creating version 2 of the Blog Network platform. It should be a cleaner, easier, better system, and we’re looking forward to its launch in a couple months. But before the coding kicks off in earnest, are there any features you’d love to see to improve your blogging experience? Just email your ideas to or, even better, post on our Facebook group!

Making the Most of the Research You’ve Already Done

This month provides a logical opportunity for Year in Review and/or Preview posts about the companies you know best. Run through all the What, So What, and Now What of the trailing 12 months (working in material discussion of competitors, suppliers, and partners in order to provide more context and extend the breadth of your syndication, naturally) and your personal forecast of what’s next. To be clear, don’t rehash the news, show how it informs the future of the company. And if you’re making predictions, be bold!

And the Moment You’ve Been Waiting For…

Back around Halloween, I challenged you to dive into some new ways of writing (and thinking) about companies, including SWOT analysis, earnings previews, and reading trade publications to get an outside-the-mainstream look at a business. And we offered a bonus for what we viewed as the best example of each. You guys responded in a big way: you nominated more than 100 posts for consideration in the three categories, making the judges’ job exceedingly difficult. I am pleased to announce our winners.

While we had dozens of great entries, the judges voted for these three in part because they all went beyond the strict structure of the challenge and told an insightful, engaging story about the companies. Congratulations to our winners, who will see an extra $500 in their next payment.

That’ll do it for this time. Please enjoy your holiday season and keep blogging like the wind!

Fool on!



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