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Hi bloggers –

I fear we’re making a change that will remove 90% of your reasons for getting in touch with me, but we are nonetheless happy to announce your brand-new blogger dashboard and session report. If you’re logged in at, you’ll get information including posts published, posts syndicated, and average sessions per post. And if you look at the list of all your blog posts, you’ll see there’s now a column for total visits.

A couple notes:

  1. This is a ballpark estimate of your sessions. For technical reasons, we use Google Analytics numbers here and Visual Sciences in our internal reporting, but the numbers are pretty close.
  2. Your numbers will be accurate only for your newer posts, within the past week or so. Again, we have internal metrics that we use that go back to the start, so we have been keeping track.
  3. Don’t worry about hitting 2,500 sessions exactly. We are more than happy to pay the higher dollar figure for bloggers who write insightful, thoughtful posts that bring readers into the Foolish universe and reflect well on our brand with each piece they write. Tom Gibbs, for example, averages fewer than 2,500 sessions per post, but we were happy to switch him to $100 per post. Read this recent post to see why.
  4. We run the sessions report at 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. and we stop updating after 30 days from publication (you wouldn’t be adding much traffic then anyway).

Also, a few of you have asked about the CAPS button. One of our developers is going to set up an intermediate page in which you can select which tickers you would like to rate in CAPS so you don’t have to give a thumbs up/down and everything you ticker. In the meantime, you can just go to on your own and make the pick you want -- we're going to track your picks (for our latest iPad contest, you need to make 10 calls during February) based on CAPS reporting by user name, so we’ll have a record of your picks.

Finally, don’t stop emailing us just because you don’t need to ask us for your numbers. We always enjoy hearing from you.



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