Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

  • This Dirt Cheap Shoes Maker Has 50% Short Term Upside

    By Adrian Campos - August 19, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, WWW

    Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) is suffering from a terrible 52 weeks stock price performance: - 23.6%.

    This stock has also showed some extreme historical volatility. In 2007 the stock reached almost $70. But just some months later, Crocs reached its lowest price level, $0.79 per share.

    More recently, shares plummeted 20% after the latest earnings call. Income came in at $0.40 per share, far away from the lower end more »

  • Wolverine Is Fighting to Win

    By Himanshu Poddar - August 5, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, NKE, WWW

    The consumer goods market has shown good growth as Wolverine World Wide (NYSE: WWW) released its second quarters earnings, making it a company to invest in.

    The revenue of the company shot up by 88% to $588 million over the last year. This might seem like great growth. However, it could not match up to expectations. This is mainly because the company was expected to benefit much more from its more »

  • What's Driving Sales for This Retailer

    By Gayatri Sharma - August 1, 2013 | Tickers: COLM, UA, WWW

    Last quarter, the extended cold weather, stronger DTC sales, and the Omni Freeze Zero launch helped Columbia Sportswear (NASDAQ: COLM) beat the estimates. The company has reported a 5% increase in sales, and its EPS of $0.35 significantly outpaced the consensus estimates of $0.14. Operating margin has improved and inventory is down by 11.3%. Extended duration of cold weather has helped the company clear excess inventory. The more »

  • Are These Shoe Stocks Too Expensive?

    By Ryan Palmer - July 29, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, SKX, WWW

    Shoe stocks have been on a tear this year. Shares of Wolverine World Wide (NYSE: WWW) are up 39.7% so far in 2013. Shareholders of Skechers (NYSE: SKX) have seen the value of their investment increase by an even bigger 48.1%.

    Kudos to anyone who rode these stocks to huge gains. That being said, investors in either company would be wise to start questioning whether the stock has more »

  • Will Footwear Industry Be Led By The Smaller Players?

    By Hussain Asghar - July 26, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, WWW

    The global footwear industry was worth $185.2 billion at the end of 2011, based on estimates released by Transparency Market Research.

    China, U.S. and India were the largest consumers of footwear, purchasing around 7.2 billion pairs of shoes, representing 41.5 percent of  total market consumption. This industry is highly concentrated, with around 70 percent of the total market share being controlled by the top five players more »

  • 3 Noteworthy Trends to Start Earnings Season

    By Brian Nichols - July 11, 2013 | Tickers: AA, WDFC, WWW

    Earnings season has unofficially begun with the announcement of Alcoa’s quarterly report, and already we saw some exciting volatility on Tuesday, but are any of these stocks a post-earnings “buy”? In this piece, I am looking at the quarters from four companies, and determining if the movement presents value or a value trap.

    Post-Earnings Volatility at its Best

    To the naked eye, WD-40’s (NASDAQ: WDFC) Tuesday loss of more »

  • This Footwear Company Remains a Bargain Despite the Industry’s Recent Surge

    By Colin Tweel - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: DECK, NKE, WWW

    American consumer confidence rose to a five-year high in May according to the Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index. A soaring stock market and growing strength in the housing industry has Americans feeling wealthier and more willing to return to their historical consumerism despite intractable unemployment figures.

    With Americans reporting renewed confidence in the economy, the stocks of many of the corporations who thrive on American consumerism have surged. One more »

  • Are Ugg Boots Back in Style?

    By Fani Kelesidou - May 1, 2013 | Tickers: DECK, SHOO, WWW

    Deckers Outdoor (NASDAQ: DECK), the company behind the Ugg brand, was sort of left up the creek last October when its shares reached rock-bottom levels. Everyone assumed that Uggs had gone out of style. But a cold winter, a turn lower in fleece prices, and a couple of analysts' upgrades were enough to jump-start the stock price. Deckers is up by almost 35% year-to-date. Not only that, but last Thursday more »

  • Which of These Companies Fit Your Portfolio the Best?

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - April 18, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, NKE, SKX, WWW

    The third quarter of Nike's (NYSE: NKE) fiscal year ended in February, with the company reporting strong numbers for that quarter earlier this month. Revenue grew 9% compared to the same period in the previous fiscal year, in line with the company’s results in the previous six months.

    Nike had been witnessing flat margins, however, and was able to widen those considerably last quarter, with the result being more »

  • Is Nike a Good Stock to Buy?

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - April 16, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, NKE, SKX, WWW

    The third quarter of Nike (NYSE: NKE)’s fiscal year ended in February, with the company reporting strong numbers for that quarter earlier this month. Revenue grew 9% compared to the same period in the previous fiscal year, in line with the company’ results in the previous six months. Nike had been seeing flat margins, however, and was able to widen those considerably last quarter with the result being a more »

  • Steer Clear of These Dying Industries

    By Jon Quast - April 7, 2013 | Tickers: NFLX, OUTR, NYT, NWSA, WWW

    Let's face it, the world is always changing. With change comes the rise of new industries, and the demise of old ones. Here are some industries that are slowly dying off, and some of the companies that might be going down with them.


    I remember a few years back when my friends and I were in college, one of them was studying journalism. He informed me of the more »

  • A Big Check for This Footwear Company

    By Marshall Hargrave - April 7, 2013 | Tickers: LULU, NKE, WWW

    Editor's Note: Information on Wolverine World Wide has been modified in this amended article

    After a relatively solid fiscal third quarter results announcement, is there still upside for Nike (NYSE: NKE) despite being up over 10% year to date? I think so. The footwear and apparel company stills appears to be trading "cheaply" from a valuation standpoint; especially, in the context of its competitors. 

     Nike gets compared to other more »

  • Playing the Short Squeeze With Deckers

    By Julian Willis - March 24, 2013 | Tickers: DECK, NKE, WWW

    Deckers Outdoor (NASDAQ: DECK) is the manufacturer and retailer of popular casual footwear brands such as Sanuk, Teva, Tsubo, and UGG. The company is also a Nasdaq leader in a far more unfortunate category for its shareholders, called short interest ratio.

    As of market close on March 21, Deckers had, according to Yahoo! Finance, an astoundingly high short interest ratio of more than 43%, which means that nearly half of more »

  • Is This Global Athletic Footwear Maker a Buy Now?

    By Anh HOANG - March 23, 2013 | Tickers: ADDYY, NKE, WWW

    Recently, Nike (NYSE: NKE) has shot up by as much as 11% in just one trading day, from $53.60 to more than $59.50 per share. The market bullish attitude towards Nike was due to its recent strong third quarter earnings results. At $59.50 per share, Nike is trading around its 52-week high. Is Nike a good investment opportunity after its recent strong third quarter earnings? Or the more »

  • Why Nike Will Beat Revenue Estimates

    By Julian Willis - March 21, 2013 | Tickers: ADDYY, NKE, WWW

    This Thursday, Mar. 21, the sports apparel and footwear behemoth from Beaverton, Oregon, known as Nike (NYSE: NKE), will report third-quarter earnings at 1:15 p.m. Pacific Time, followed by a conference call with management to run down the results. Nike management has stated that it expects revenue to grow at a low double-digit rate for the third quarter of 2013. According to the Thomson Reuters Institutional Brokers' Estimate more »

  • Have Crocs Hit Their Stride?

    By Howard Rothman - March 20, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, DSW, WWW

    Although Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) opened for business in 1999, it took about a half-dozen years before its colorful injection-molded clogs hit anyone’s radar. But when they did hit, they hit big. A highly anticipated IPO was followed by a rapid rise in stock price that topped 400% before peaking in late October 2007 — and then collapsed, just as quickly, falling by more than 98% over the next 13 months more »

  • This Company Might Surprise You in the Future

    By Himanshu Poddar - March 8, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, NKE, WWW

    Colors are amazing and can play a vital role in attracting customers. This is what has been applied by the footwear giant Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) to make an impression on customers’ minds. Bright and attractive colors helped Crocs lure large number of customers, leading to higher profits.

    In fact, Crocs’ variety of good quality of products led to stellar fourth-quarter results. Though the numbers met analysts’ expectations, a dull outlook more »

  • For Deckers, it's Ugg or Bust!

    By Leo Sun - March 3, 2013 | Tickers: CROX, DECK, SHOO, WWW

    Deckers Outdoor (NASDAQ: DECK), best known for its Ugg sheepskin boots, has had a rough year. The Goleta, Calif.-based company struggled with rising commodity costs, lower margins and declining sales over the past year, and shares lost half their value as investors fretted over the questionable future popularity of its Ugg boots.

    However, the stock finally caught a break after its fourth quarter earnings topped Wall Street expectations and more »

  • Wolverine Worldwide Claws Its Way Up

    By Eric Novinson - February 19, 2013 | Tickers: AMZN, CAT, VFC, WWW

    Wolverine Worldwide's (NYSE: WWW) name illustrates its competitive strategy. This shoe company has a plan for the Indian market that could bring in more international shoe sales, and this plan also makes a major construction company look better.

    Wolverine Worldwide also expanded its brand lineup recently, obtaining four shoe brands from Collective Brands in a major 2012 acquisition. Wolverine Worldwide does face competition from online shoe sellers, and clothing more »

  • Is This Boot Maker Valuable or a Value Trap?

    By Anh HOANG - February 8, 2013 | Tickers: DECK, NKE, VFC, WWW

    Several years ago, UGG sheepskin boots, Deckers Outdoors' (NASDAQ: DECK) main product, became incredibly fashionable and popular among teenagers. The popularity of UGG was reflected in the company’s share price, which had risen significantly from $13.30 in March 2009 to $117.66 in October 2011. At that time, it had really been a darling of the stock market. However, since the end of 2011, Deckers Outdoor has kept more »

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