• Health Insurers Face Uncertain Times

    By Phillip Woolgar - August 11, 2013 | Tickers: AET, AFL, WLP

    Health insurance providers are facing an uncertain time due to the onslaught of ObamaCare, which is expected to hit the speedway in 2014. The effect that the new health plan will have on insurers is largely unknown, but I suspect there will be increased administration costs due to heavy government regulation. That regulation could call for lower insurance premiums, but there could also be additional people looking for insurance. Let more »

  • 2 Magic Formula Pick's With Headline Risk

    By Adem Tahiri - August 6, 2013 | Tickers: HUM, WLP

    Investors like a good deal. The problem is, most of us wouldn't know a bargain if it hit us in the face.

    At least that's what hedge fund manager and value investing icon Joel Greenblatt says. In a series of books and lectures, Greenblatt has touted his "magic formula" for stock picking. Greenblatt argues that by following the simple formula we can take the guesswork out of picking more »

  • Top U.S. Health Insurance Companies Capitalizing on Reforms

    By Shweta Dubey - August 2, 2013 | Tickers: HUM, UNH, WLP

    After the recent introduction of healthcare reforms, the health insurance industry in the U.S. is expected to benefit from rising demand. Healthcare reforms such as the formation of health insurance exchanges and the government providing health insurance to citizens who cannot afford it will be the primary contributors to this growth. These reforms are expected to add 25 million U.S. citizens to the overall health insurance market. Three more »

  • The Mysterious Undervaluation of Health Insurers

    By Dana Blankenhorn - July 24, 2013 | Tickers: UNH, WLP

    If you think Apple is undervalued, you don't own a health insurer.

    Yesterday, for instance, Wellpoint (NYSE: WLP) delivered a solid beat on earnings, $800 million or $2.64/share, and continued its $0.38/share quarterly dividend. In response the stock barely yawned, rising just two cents a share, yielding a Price/Earnings (P/E) multiple of 10.31.

    Wellpoint has become one of the more undervalued big-cap more »

  • Value Investor Karen Finerman's Latest Stock Picks

    By John Macris - July 8, 2013 | Tickers: LYV, TKR, WLP

    Readers may recognize value investor Karen Finerman from her frequent appearances on CNBC’s Fast Money. Outside of her television appearances, Finerman is the CEO and co-founder of Metropolitan Capital Advisors, a New York-based hedge fund established in 1992.

    The 48-year old Finerman recently authored a book titled Finerman’s Rules: Secrets I’d Only Tell My Daughters About Business and Life. The new release offers insights on a variety more »

  • 4 Cheap Dividend Stocks for Income Investors

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - June 27, 2013 | Tickers: HUN, SLM, WLP, WU

    Several renowned investors have pursued a strategy of investing in stocks with low price-earnings multiples. Stocks with low P/E ratios could be mispriced relative to their peers and could represent companies with low implied growth. However, some low P/E stocks represent good value plays that are subject to near-term adversity, which is negatively affecting their profitability, without denting their long-term earnings growth prospects.

    In the current market, there more »

  • Buy the Dips, the Rally Isn't Over Yet

    By Rupert Hargreaves - June 20, 2013 | Tickers: GNW, NOV, WLP

    It may seem absurd for me to make this prediction but I believe that despite current volatility, the market actually has further left to run.

    There are currently many different analysts all stating why they believe the market is overvalued and due for a pullback, however, a quick evaluation of the market by one of the simplest methods around quickly shows that the market could actually be undervalued.

    According to more »

  • A Rigged Market? It's OK With Me

    By Bob Chandler - June 18, 2013 | Tickers: DECK, HUM, WLP | Editor's Choice

    There seems to be plenty of evidence suggesting that some players in the market have a significant advantage when compared to the average investor. While it’s legal, it also implies the market is hardly a level playing field. But this is OK. Individual investors can still profit from this rigged game, and they can even capitalize on big players' advantages.

    Are markets rigged?

    Having greater access to information, greater more »

  • Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones' Latest Additions

    By Marshall Hargrave - June 12, 2013 | Tickers: A, BKD, PFE, WLP

    Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ) has been all over the news  after telling an audience of University of Virginia students and others that it's difficult for mothers to be successful traders given that their connection to a child is a focus "killer." PTJ has been one of the most successful traders over the past few decades, with a net worth of some $3.3 billion. Let's check out more »

  • These Healthcare Stocks Pay Fast-Growing Dividends

    By Aubrey Tabuga - June 10, 2013 | Tickers: MDT, UNH, WLP

    Given the huge potential of the healthcare industry, it is very tempting to peer through it for possible options if one seeks for the best places to earn dividend income. These stocks pay some of the fastest-growing dividends. I say, it is the best time to take advantage of the immense possibilities in this sector.

    Health insurance leader

    With 13.6% of the market share in health insurance, UnitedHealth Group more »

  • Time to Scoop Up This Health Care Company

    By Ted Cooper - June 7, 2013 | Tickers: AET, UNH, WLP

    The passage of Obamacare has created uncertainty in the health care sector. As the landmark health care legislation nears full implementation, many investors still do not know exactly what is in the law, or what impact it will have on companies in the sector. However, the uncertainty has created opportunity for long-term investors.

    One area of the health care sector that is particularly uncertain is managed care organizations. Companies like more »

  • 3 Managed Health Care Companies You Should Buy

    By Madhukar Dubey - May 6, 2013 | Tickers: AET, CI, WLP

    Managed health care is an industry which is the most vulnerable to government policies. Recently, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also known as CMS, provided relief to this industry by announcing Medicare Advantage, or MA benchmark rates, for 2014, which will increase by 3.3%.

    The benchmark rate is the maximum monthly amount which a plan can receive from its member. Earlier in February, CMS announced that these rates more »

  • $10 Billion Fund Bullish on This ‘Fab Four’

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - April 27, 2013 | Tickers: MU, NTES, WFT, WLP

    Orbis Investment Management has a $10 billion 13F portfolio managed by William Gray. The firm invests in value stocks using contrarian ideals mixed with a fundamental analysis of each company, in combination with a top-down stock picking approach. Judging by the largest positions in the fund, we can see favorable economic trends first, company fundamentals second quite clearly. Orbis seems to follow a strategy of narrowing down certain sectors of more »

  • Is This Insurer a Sure Thing?

    By Marshall Hargrave - April 16, 2013 | Tickers: AFL, CI, PFG, WLP

    When looking for solid dividend-paying stocks, Aflac (NYSE: AFL) should be on every investors list. This Dividend Aristocrat also happens to be rather cheap. 

    The list of Dividend Aristocrats include companies that have raised their dividend payouts to shareholders every single year for at least a quarter-century -- this exclusive list only includes a few dozen stocks. Aflac upped its dividend payment by 6.1% in late 2012, marking the 30th more »

  • More Upside in Store for This Healthcare Insurance Provider

    By Nick Chiu - April 12, 2013 | Tickers: CI, HUM, UNH, WLP

    For investors seeking high revenue growth with an inexpensive free cash flow in the health insurance industry, Cigna is one of the top investment targets. Cigna (NYSE: CI), with a market cap of $18.46 billion, is a global health services company, providing medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance through its subsidiaries. Cigna continues to improve its bottom line. Unlike other health plan providers, Cigna's impact by Affordable more »

  • Why this health care insurance provider is due for more upside

    By Nick Chiu - April 7, 2013 | Tickers: CI, HUM, UNH, WLP

    Cigna (NYSE: CI), with a market cap of $18.46 billion, is a global health services company, providing medical, dental, disability, life and accident insurance through its subsidiaries. Cigna had been trading in the range of $39.01-$66.67 in the past 52 weeks.

    Improving Patience Access

    Cigna continues to improve patient access to health care by enhancing care coordination and aiming to achieve improved health, affordability and patient more »

  • Health Insurers Get a Shot in Arm, But the Boost Could Be Temporary

    By Diane Alter - April 3, 2013 | Tickers: HUM, UNH, WLP

    Medicare advantage health insurers got a shot in the arm after planned government cuts in payments were squashed. But the boost to shares could be temporary and is not a cure-all for what ails health insurers.

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had originally proposed a 2.3% reduction in what the government pays to Medicare Advantage plans. In a stark about face, the CMS on April 1 more »

  • 4 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Healthcare

    By Adam Levy - March 14, 2013 | Tickers: CNC, ESRX, MOH, WLP | Editor's Choice

    In last month’s brief earnings call, Express Scripts (NASDAQ: ESRX) CEO George Paz happily announced a better than expected outlook for the 2013 fiscal year. The company provided guidance on 2013 earnings of $4.20-$4.30 per share, while analysts were expecting the extreme low-end of the guidance.

    Paz noted the company’s outlook is bolstered by the positive outlook of the healthcare industry as a whole based more »

  • This Managed Care Organization Is Available at a Bargain Price

    By Ted Cooper - March 13, 2013 | Tickers: AET, UNH, WLP

    Health care reform has caused investors to become anxious about the future of companies tied to the health care industry. These feelings of uncertainty are warranted given that nobody knows exactly what the industry will look like in five or 10 years. However, in some cases investors' worries are overdone, which has led to cheap companies looking to be scooped up by the enterprising investor.

    The future of managed care more »

  • Red Light, Green Light with Humana

    By Irving Harrison - March 3, 2013 | Tickers: HUM, UNH, WLP

    Investing should be simple. Red Light, Green Light is a simple children’s game. In this game, one person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her. The stoplight faces away from a line of kids and says “green light.” At this point the kids are allowed to move towards the stoplight. At any point, the stoplight may say "red light!" and turn around. If any more »

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