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  • Is Oil the New Gold?

    By Marie Palumbo - August 12, 2013 | Tickers: APA, XOM, GLD, USO

    Owners of SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEMKT: GLD) have seen extraordinary gains in recent years. This ETF reflects the bullion value of gold, and from 2008 to 2013 it increased 80%. In 2013, however, gold has taken a tumble, falling nearly 20%. Is this hallmark inflation hedge losing its shine?

    Lackluster commodity

    In April, the Fed announced that if the economy continues to recover it would begin to taper its $85 more »

  • ExxonMobil and Chevron: Structurally Unsound Investments

    By Alexander Cho - August 7, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, COP, XOM, USO

    ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) and Chevron (NYSE: CVX) missed earnings expectations by a very large margin this past quarter. This indicates that all is not well with Big Oil.

    What’s going on?

    <img alt="" height="413" src="http://g.fool.com/editorial/images/62918/8-2-13-xom-pic-1_large.png" width="735" />

    Source: EIA

    <img alt="" height="260" src="http://g.fool.com/editorial/images/62918/8-2-13-xom-pic-2_large.png" width="740" />

    Source: EIA

    Gasoline supplied in 2012, and 2013 is below the five-year average. Just because oil markets can increase total market supply, doesn’t necessarily mean it always does. The market for oil is usually colluded more »

  • Will Oil’s Rally Continue?

    By Lior Cohen - July 5, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, XOM, USO

    The oil market is heating up. The recent developments in the Middle East and the start of driving season in the U.S. may have contributed to the recent rally of oil prices. Will the oil market continue to heat up? How will the latest developments in the oil market affect leading oil companies? Let’s analyze the recent developments in the oil market.

    During June and July, the price more »

  • Commodities: Long/Short

    By Federico Zaldua - June 27, 2013 | Tickers: VALE, UNG, USO

    With ten-year Treasury rates spiking fast and stock prices moving down, it's remarkable to see how resilient commodity prices have been during the past few weeks. Here I make a supply and demand analysis of three popular commodities. Whether you have them in your portfolio or not, you may want to take a look at what has been happening in this markets. Here I will also offer some ideas more »
  • Market Mayem – Asia’s Meltdown Continues b

    By Philip Davis - June 24, 2013 | Tickers: FXI, SPY, USO

    <img align="right" height="239" src="http://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2009/4/16/saupload_syndrome3.jpg" width="350" />
    China is in a full-scale melt-down

    The Shanghai dropped 5.3% fro the day and the Hang Seng finished down 2.22% and that 5.3% is very impressive when you consider that 10% is "limit down," the point at which trading is halted so, if half the stocks were even, then half the stocks were halted!  

    The concept behind "The China Syndrome" is that a severe meltdown of containment more »

  • Will We Hold It Wednesday - Fed Edition

    By Philip Davis - June 21, 2013 | Tickers: DIA, USO

    <img align="right" height="390" src="http://www.philstockworld.com/wp-content/uploads/image/stj/Levels%202013/Levels%20Charts%206-18-2013.png" width="400" />
    Oh who am I kidding, we're already shorting!  

    I sent out an Alert to our Members at 3:14 am, as the Dow Futures (/YM) hit 15,278 and the Nasdaq Futures (/NQ) hit 3,000 and the Russell Futures(/TF) hit 998.20 to short them all and we got one quick ride down for a nice profit (also available to our Twitter followers) and then a chance more »

  • Post Traumatic Friday - Don't Catch Those Knives!

    By Philip Davis - June 21, 2013 | Tickers: AMZN, TZA, TLT, NFLX, SCTY, DIA, GLD, SBUX, TSLA, USO

    <img align="right" height="367" src="http://www.etfdigest.com/images/stories/davesdaily/3240/image010.gif" width="350" />
    Wheeeee - what a ride!

    As our Members well know, we had a classic "spitting cobra" pattern on our charts and we knew this week was the inflection and we knew it was likely to be down which is why, on Monday, we welcomed the greater fools to the BS Futures rally and Tuesday we discussed gravity, parabolas and what would happen when the Fed cut the thrust to our market more »

  • Investing in Inflation

    By Chris Johnson - June 20, 2013 | Tickers: DBO, GLD, RIG, USO

    With the FOMC wrapping up their two day meeting on Wednesday and announcing the future outlook of the quantitative easing program, the idea of inflation is particularly elevated in the minds of investors. A quick glance at the overall inflation numbers might suggest there is little reason to worry, but the adage “a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow” has been around for decades, and economics teaches more »

  • Has the EIA Killed Peak Oil?

    By Joshua Bondy - May 20, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, XOM, SU, USO

    A number of factors have changed the face of peak oil. Low U.S. growth, increased oil production and more fuel efficient modes of transportation have dampened the effects of rising energy costs. Peak oil is still a real phenomenon, but in the medium term it looks like it will affect the economy through subtle means. 

    <img alt="" src="http://media.ycharts.com/charts/d5abbb261e00aeff14869a783172b573.png" />

    US Consumer Price Index: All Items Less Energy data by YCharts

    Don't Ignore more »

  • Will Oil Break the $100 Mark?

    By Lior Cohen - May 13, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, RDS-A, USO

    In the past couple of weeks, the price of oil has slowly recovered from a downward trend that occurred during April. Will the price break the $100 threshold in the near future? How will the recent developments in the oil market affect leading oil producers? Let’s examine the recent changes in the oil market and try to determine what’s up ahead for oil.

    During May (up to date more »

  • Will the Oil Market Heat up Again?

    By Lior Cohen - April 28, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, MPC, TSO, USO

    The price of oil plunged during April. Will the price of oil recover from its recent tumble and rally to the $100 mark? How will the shifts in the price of oil affect leading refinery companies? Let’s examine the recent developments in the oil market to answer these questions.

    During April the price of oil tumbled by 8.3%; the United States Oil  Fund (NYSEMKT: USO), an ETF, fell more »

  • Alcoa Looks to Increase Margins Amid Lower Prices

    By Peter Pham - April 25, 2013 | Tickers: AA, BHP, BNO, USO

    Alcoa (NYSE: AA) easily beat analysts’ estimates to kick off earnings season. This is because most of them don’t understand the relationship between metal producer gross margins and the price of energy. So, they look at Aluminum prices and make projections. Alcoa is looking to increase its margins during this oversupply period in the aluminum industry by catering to the specialty market for high-performance aluminum alloys. Alcoa is still more »

  • Goldman Sachs Generates Excitement As It Beats Earning Estimates

    By Alexander Cho - April 17, 2013 | Tickers: C, CME, FB, GS, TIP, JPM, KOL, NDAQ, NYX, SPY, DIA, GLD, USO, WFC

    Goldman Sachs has had another successful quarter as the company was able to grow both revenues and earnings at the same time. The company’s revenues have increased by 1% quarter-over-quarter, with revenues coming in at $10.09B. The company’s operating expense declined by 1% quarter-over-quarter. The company saw an improvement in net earnings of 7% quarter-over-quarter. The company’s results mirrored that of the other banks.

    Goldman Sachs more »

  • Will Oil Continue to Rise?

    By Lior Cohen - March 27, 2013 | Tickers: XOM, MPC, USO, VLO

    During the year (so far) the price of oil rose by nearly 5%. Most of this gain was during March. Will oil prices continue to rise? How the developments in the oil market affect leading oil and gas companies? Let’s analyze the recent developments in the oil market to answer these questions.

    During March (up to date), the price of oil rose by 4.66%; United States Oil (NYSEMKT: USOmore »)

  • How These 4 Stocks Track Oil’s Low

    By Chris Marasco - March 7, 2013 | Tickers: BP, CHK, XOM, HAL, USO

    Oil just hit its lowest point this year.  Closing at $91.02 per barrel, oil prices are still up 17.8% from their 52-week low of $77.28.  However, does the downtick in oil represent a new downtrend?

    Oil, which is traded as an ETF through the United States Oil ETF (NYSEMKT: USO), largely tracks the S&P 500 in general price direction.  Of course both assets rise or fall more »

  • Will Someone Please Clean Up These Dirty Balance Sheets?

    By Chris Marasco - March 4, 2013 | Tickers: APC, CHK, RRC, UNG, USO

    Despite record-setting low interest rates and banks that are flush with capital, energy firms badly need financed.

    High spending, enormous risk appetite, and “perceived corporate governance lapses” have pushed investors to tone down risk-taking at these companies.  Let’s use Chesapeake (NYSE: CHK) as an example.

    Chesapeake’s talent for producing natural gas – it is the second largest producer in the U.S. – led the firm to seek debt.  That more »

  • Will Oil Come Down in 2013?

    By Lior Cohen - February 15, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, MPC, USO, VLO

    Since the beginning of the year the price of oil resumed its upward trend. Will this rally continue? Or will oil prices come down soon? What could explain the recent rise in oil prices? Let’s examine the recent developments in the oil market.

    During February (up to date), the price of oil inched down by 0.5%; United States Oil (NYSEMKT: USO), by 0.3%. Despite this modest fall more »

  • Is The Oil Market Heating Up Again?

    By Lior Cohen - January 23, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, XOM, MPC, USO, VLO

    During recent weeks the price of oil has rallied. One of the reasons many investors attribute to the recent rise in oil prices is the tensions in Algeria. The colder than anticipated weather in Europe and the U.S. is also another factor for the rise in demand for heating oil. Is the oil market heating up again? Will oil prices pass the $100 mark and maintain that mark for more »

  • Alcoa’s Solid Earnings to Be Short-lived

    By Peter Pham - January 22, 2013 | Tickers: AA, MT, BNO, USO, X

    The world’s leading aluminum producer Alcoa (NYSE: AA) posted its results for the quarter ending December 2012. The company swung to a quarterly net profit of $242 million from a loss of $191 million a year ago. Excluding one-off items, such as gains from the sale of the Tapoco hydroelectric dam complex in Tennessee, which caused an after tax gain of $161 million, Alcoa generated a profit of $64 more »

  • Steel Giants’ Fate Tied to Oil Prices in 2013

    By Peter Pham - January 11, 2013 | Tickers: MT, SLX, BNO, USO, X

    The steel industry’s titan ArcelorMittal (NYSE: MT) has decided to write down the goodwill of its European operations by $4.3 billion due to the "weaker macroeconomic and market environment” of the continent. The effect of this non-cash impairment charge will be reflected in the fourth quarter’s results due on February 6. The demand for steel in Europe has dropped by 8% this year and 29% overall since more »

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