Telecom Italia S.p.A. (ADR)

  • Bargain Hunting in Italy

    By Ryan Peckyno - August 18, 2013 | Tickers: E, LUX, TI

    With many U.S. equities trading at all-time highs and the stock market as a whole trading at a hefty earnings multiple, the U.S. market isn't looking that attractive, especially if you consider that the U.S. has massive governmental debt, is ranked 128th in the world in GDP real growth rate, 95th in unemployment, and that more than 15% of our population lives below the poverty line more »

  • European M&A Targets: Top Picks

    By Federico Zaldua - August 3, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, BURBY, TI

    Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activity has been consistently improving in the US.
    On the other hand, in Europe (including the UK), deal-making activity has been extremely sluggish. That said, right now, the outlook seems to be improving for the best as economic confidence ameliorates in the old continent.
    As a matter of fact, deal activity is picking up alongside significant deals such as the ones involving the likes of KPN more »
  • Expect Better Performance From This Telecom Company

    By Federico Zaldua - August 2, 2013 | Tickers: KKPNY.PK, TI, TEF

    I have liked Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) for a while. The company is suffering in its home market but is finding growth in emerging markets through its strong presence in Latin America. Most importantly, its European operations should start getting better as the market consolidates and competitive pressures ease. Despite beating market expectations, Telefonica's last quarter results still reflect tough market conditions. After the sale of various non-core assets such more »

  • You Should Look at Italy Right Now

    By Federico Zaldua - July 30, 2013 | Tickers: E, ISNPY.PK, TI

    Italy is going through its most difficult time since World War II ended. An endless recession coupled with high unemployment has deteriorated investor sentiment. That said, there are bright spots that should be taken into account. For starters, politicians already agreed to push for much-needed labor and tax reforms. On the other hand, some macroeconomic indicators such as a current account balance in surplus territory, low private-sector leverage and low more »
  • An Italian Job: You Should Watch This Stocks

    By Federico Zaldua - July 19, 2013 | Tickers: E, ISNPY.PK, TI

    Italy is going through its most difficult time since the second world war ended. An endless recession coupled with high unemployment have deteriorated investor's sentiment towards the country.  That said, there are some bright spots in the horizon. Politicians are already closing lines behind prime minister Letta and some hard data are already ameliorating the perspectives on the third biggest economy in the Euro-zone.

    Hard data indicates that it more »

  • An Investment Worth Waiting For

    By Red Chip - July 5, 2013 | Tickers: TI, TEF, VOD

    Vodafone Group (NASDAQ: VOD); the second largest telecom service provider in the world faces a decline in its top and bottom line due to increased competition and economic downturn in Europe. However, Vodafone’s improvement in the Spanish market is expected due to its joint venture with France Telecom to develop an optic fiber network.


    Vodafone Group has reported revenues of £44.4 billion ($59 billion) for its year more »

  • Could This Giant Be An M&A Target?

    By Federico Zaldua - June 20, 2013 | Tickers: T, TI, TEF

    Madrid-based Telefonica (NYSE: TEF), one of the world's largest telecom companies, has been facing some heavy headwinds. The company's debt (at almost $70 billion) stands at around 2.7x Telefonica's EBITDA, and competion in its home market have been putting pressure on margins and sales. As a matter of fact, for the first quarter this year revenues fell 9% year-over-year (yoy), and the company’s operating income more »

  • Results Recap: European Telecom Companies

    By Federico Zaldua - May 15, 2013 | Tickers: ORAN, TI, TEF

    The European telecom sector has been under pressure for a long time. High capex needs combined with the long European recession (which produced price wars across the region) have made margins tumble. That said, most European telecom companies have profitable investments made in high growth Emerging Markets (EM), above all in Latin America. Let's take a look at the first quarter results of two of the main European telecom more »

  • Cutting Debt the Right Way

    By Federico Zaldua - April 11, 2013 | Tickers: CHU, TI, TEF

    Telefónica (NYSE: TEF), a telecom operator based in Spain with most of its operations based in Latin America (LatAm), might list part of its Colombian arm. As a long term shareholder I think its a good idea.

    Cutting Debt a Priority

    Telefonica needs to cut debt, and the Colombian unit could be sold at very high multiples. Colombia is a hot spot for international investors, and a listing of its more »

  • International Telecoms Are a Great Source of Yield

    By Bob Ciura - April 11, 2013 | Tickers: ORAN, TI, VOD

    Many financial advisers and money managers preach the importance of diversification. It’s important not to put all your financial eggs in one basket, in order to spread risk evenly across assets. When most investors think of diversification, they probably think of buying stocks from a balanced group of market sectors. While that’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor, it’s important to remember geographical diversification as well.

    In particular, the more »

  • This Telecom Provides Good News

    By Federico Zaldua - February 21, 2013 | Tickers: CHU, TI, TEF

    If you follow my blog, you may already know Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) is part of the small equity portfolio I assembled a few weeks ago. This time, I am writing about this company because there was one highly significant event which -according to me- was not fully taken into account by the market. The event was that TEF decided to put on hold a plan to spin off 10% to more »

  • Billionaire Activist Investor Paul Singer and His New Dividend Picks

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - December 4, 2012 | Tickers: AGNC, CIM, ORAN, ENL, TI

    Billionaire Paul Singer founded Elliott Associates in 1977 and manages over $15 billion in assets. Singer has a JD from Harvard and spent time at various corporate law firms and the investment bank DLJ before founding Elliott. Singer employs an activist approach to investing, establishing large positions to turn around distressed and underperforming companies. The hedge fund manager has made some key moves as of late (see all of Singer more »

  • Investing in Cuba: Telecommies

    By Nick Slepko - November 27, 2012 | Tickers: ALU, TI

    Cuban-American counter-revolutionaries are unlike their Vietnamese-American counterparts who have used Hanoi’s geopolitical concerns over Beijing’s bullying (and fears of a second invasion) to constructively, subtly, and gradually engage and nudge Vietnam into the global mainstream.  (This has also encouraged decision-makers in Burma/Myanmar to consider counter-balances to China as well.)

    In Cuba’s case, both its current leadership and its overseas communities seem to have anything but the more »

  • Two Italian Opportunities

    By Federico Zaldua - November 14, 2012 | Tickers: E, TI, TEF

    Italy has been going through a tough recession (or should I say crisis?) caused by an overvalued currency and inner competitive problems related to its own rigid labor laws. Right now, a 10.6% unemployment rate and stagnant GDP growth, which is expected to close at -2.3% in 2012, has crippled the country and the valuations of Italian enterprises.

    Betting on the Eurozone's ability to find its course more »

  • Telecom Argentina: Should You Be Worried About Nationalization?

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - November 9, 2012 | Tickers: CMGE, TEO, TI, TEF, VOD

    In today's financial world, it's as important as ever to track how the world's most successful money managers are allocating their portfolios. While you probably already know that most hedge fund managers are invested in well-known names like Google and Apple, there are probably also quite a few stocks in their 13F portfolios that would surprise you. One such stock is Telecom Argentina (NYSE: TEO). At the more »

  • Telefonica Cancels Dividend

    By Mary Posey - July 30, 2012 | Tickers: TMUS, TI, TEF

    Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) recently canceled its dividend and share-buyback policy for the year.  According to the company, there is no sign of significant sales growth in 2012.  The company plans to resume dividends in 2013, but at a reduced rate.  This might be cause for concern for some investors.  However, analysts at Goldman Sachs praised the company for this move, saying, “Our analysts believe that prioritizing liquidity and de-leveraging is more »

  • Why This Telecom Could Be Undervalued

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - April 19, 2012 | Tickers: ATVI, AMX, PT, TI, VIV, VIVHY.PK

    Seth Klarman, famed hedge fund manager of Baupost Group and author of the out-of-print Margin of Safety, recently disclosed its largest equity holding as Vivendi SA (NASDAQOTH: VIVHY.PK), with a stake worth an estimated $530 million at the time of purchase. Shares have been down, hence our interest in taking a look at why this company has Klarman so interested.

    Vivendi is a global telecom and media conglomerate operating more »

  • 13 Highest Yielding Dividend Stocks From The Technology Sector

    By DividendYields - January 6, 2012 | Tickers: T, CTL, CHT, MBT, NOK, ORAN, PHI, TI, TEF, TMX, VZ, VIP, VOD

    The technology sector is an interesting investment field due to high growth perspectives. Regrettably, stocks from the sector pay low dividends in order to finance new technologies. Some people may ask themself what are the highest dividends within the sector. Here is a current overview of large capitalized stocks (more than $10 billion market capitalization) with the highest dividend yields. Up to now, there are 80 companies with a large more »

  • Italian ADRs - Time to Buy on Weakness?

    By Eric Volkman - January 2, 2012 | Tickers: E, LUX, NTZ, TI, TEF, VOD

    For many of the world's investors, Italy is in the doghouse. Saddled by massive public debt and seemingly unable to raise enough cash to alleviate this through bond auctions, the country is one of the chief culprits behind Europe's current fiscal crisis. Crises beget opportunity for the contrarians among us, however. So could Italian stocks be lying low enough in said doghouse - i.e., they're cheap - to more »

  • High-Yielding Telefonica Slashes Its Dividend

    By Tony Daltorio - December 21, 2011 | Tickers: ORAN, PT, TI, TEF, VOD

    During this time of stock market turmoil, many investors have gone on a search for more safety, for higher yielding stocks. 

    One area that some investors have sought shelter in are European telecommunications stocks, which have an average yield of roughly 8%. Among European telecom companies, one of the highest yielders is the eurozone's largest telecoms company, Spain's Telefonica S.A. ADR (NYSE: TEF) 

    Telefonica's double-digit dividend more »