• Don't Touch Roundy's, Please!

    By Dave Zaegel - May 28, 2013 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, KR

    Roundy's (NYSE: RNDY) operates grocery stores in the upper midwest under the names Pick 'n Save, Rainbow, Copps, Metro Mart, and Mariano's Fresh Market.  Forbes recently named it a top dividend stock (here), but I couldn't disagree more.  First of all, $10,000 does not represent big insider buying by a director.  But that's not the big issue.  Many investors look at Roundy's 6.5 more »

  • Attractive Dividend Yield Does Not Compensate For Intense Competition And High Gearing

    By Mark Lin - April 29, 2013 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, KR

    A high dividend yield is tempting for many investors, but there is no free lunch in the world.  Roundy's (NYSE: RNDY), a leading Midwest supermarket chain, sports an attractive annualized dividend yield of 7%, but it faces intense competition from both supercenters and organic food retailers, reflected in stagnating sales for the past four years. Moreover, Roundy's previously cut its dividend by half and is heavily leveraged with more »

  • Attractive Dividend Yield Does Not Compensate For High Gearing

    By Mark Lin - April 15, 2013 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, KR

    Despite sporting an attractive annualized dividend yield of 7% and being significantly undervalued relative to peers, Roundy's (NYSE: RNDY) is heavily leveraged with a gross debt-to-equity ratio of 360%. Moreover, Roundy's previously cut its dividend by half and there is no guarantee that its current dividend will not cut in future. 

    Founded in Milwaukee in 1872, Roundy’s is a leading Midwest supermarket chain with close to 160 more »

  • Can One Successful Segment Save This Stock?

    By Bob Ciura - March 7, 2013 | Tickers: RNDY, SVU, KR

    Roundy’s (NYSE: RNDY) is a $270 million small-cap stock with a valuation profile that is sure to raise the eyebrows of value and dividend investors alike.  The stock took an absolute beating since its public trading debut in the spring of 2012, losing almost 60% of its value before recovering somewhat to its current levels.  In the wake of such carnage, the stock now trades for a low price-to-earnings more »

  • A Cheap Stock in a Terrible Industry

    By RJ Towner - January 9, 2013 | Tickers: RNDY, SVU, KR | Editor's Choice

    After going public in early 2012, we at Valuentum profiled Midwestern grocery chain Roundy’s (NYSE: RNDY). Earnings momentum has moved materially against the company, and as we predicted, the firm had to slash its enormous dividend payout. In a typical post-IPO period, management was optimistic about future prospects, and competition in the firm’s core Wisconsin market looked weak at best.

    What CEO Bob Mariano didn’t see coming more »

  • Roundy’s Goes Round and Round

    By Douglas Ehrman - November 27, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU, KR, WMT

    To say that Milwaukee-based Roundy’s (NYSE: RNDY) has had a tumultuous month may not do justice to the stock’s price action that has been more rollercoaster than merry-go-round since its most recent quarterly results were released. The stock, which had fallen nearly 30% month-to-date, enjoyed an impressive holiday week in which it rallied by nearly 17%.

    <img src="" />

    RNDY data by YCharts

    Central to this wild ride has been the more »

  • Trick (Not Treat) Yields

    By AnnaLisa Kraft - October 31, 2012 | Tickers: AM.DL, CLF, FTR, RNDY, WIN

    There are some dividends that look so tasty that you're tempted to grab them from the weird neighbor lady's Halloween cauldron..the biggest, most colorful candy. Although you know better or you're a little inexperienced at the game you grab it and run. Then, it's getting late, most of the houses are turning off their porch lights since they've run out of candy, so off more »

  • Shopping the Supermarket Sector

    By AnnaLisa Kraft - October 29, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU, KR, WMT

    Supermarket stocks have been struggling. Mom and pop stores disappeared, replaced by chains like A&P and Food Lion, in turn replaced by Wal-Mart Supercenters. Consumer Reports did a massive survey involving 24,000 shoppers replying about 52 chains, and while privately held A&P's Pathmark was rated the worst and family held Wegman's the best (I heartily concur), the worst rated publicly held chain was Wal-Mart for more »

  • It Can Get Worse for Roundy's

    By Dave Zaegel - August 13, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU, KR

    Stay away.  Roundy's finished 2011 with $87 million in cash compared to $809 million of long-term debt.

  • Healthy Enough for a Health Food Spinoff

    By Eric Novinson - August 10, 2012 | Tickers: DF, HAIN, RNDY

    Sometimes a larger company includes one really appealing division and several less attractive divisions. It's tempting to invest in the company because of its growth division, but there's always the risk of its other divisions dragging down long term results. Investors considering Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) will soon get a reprieve from this dilemma, as Marshall Eckblad at the Wall Street Journal reports that Dean thinks it's more »

  • Analyzing Greenlight Capital’s 3 Most Recent Stock Acquisitions

    By Ali Ghorbanzadeh - June 19, 2012 | Tickers: CSC, EXPE, GMCR, PCLN, RNDY

    Greenlight Capital is a hedge fund based out of New York with an estimated portfolio value of approximately $5.6 billion as of June 2012. It is predominately known for its well-respected manager, David Einhorn, who has made well-timed bearish calls over the years (most notably the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 and recent Green Mountain Coffee (NASDAQ: GMCR) swoon-dive). Moreover, having an annualized net return in excess of 20 more »

  • Fresh Comes Out West

    By Eric Novinson - June 6, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, TFM, UNFI, WFM

    I noticed that United Natural Foods' (NASDAQ: UNFI) share price rose by 4 percent recently, and an article by the Fool's Rick Aristotle Munnariz mentioned a possible reason for the jump. Last Wednesday, The Fresh Market (NASDAQ: TFM) beat earnings estimates resoundingly, so investors may be expecting United Natural Foods to surpass the estimates as well. I had an outperform CAPS call on United Natural Foods already, so I more »

  • Blaming the Packers is Not a Great Idea, Roundy's

    By Halina Zakowicz - May 14, 2012 | Tickers: FDO, RNDY, WFM

    For those of you who don't live in the Midwest and specifically Wisconsin, Roundy's Inc. (NYSE: RNDY) may not be a familiar name to you when it comes to grocery shopping. However, for folks like me who live in America's Dairyland, Roundy's is synonymous with my local Copp's and Pick 'n Save stores, which I frequent at least twice a week during their Double Daze more »

  • Roundy's Big Debt Problem

    By Dave Zaegel - May 10, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU

    Roundy's (RNDY) operates 158 grocery stores in the upper midwest under the names Pick 'n Save, Rainbow, Copps, Metro Mart & Mariano's Fresh Market.  It came public on February 8th and has generated a great return, increasing from $8.40 to $12.27.

  • Clorox and Roundy's Marketing Strategy Could Help Kellogg's and Campbell Soup Clean Up

    By Eric Novinson - April 16, 2012 | Tickers: CPB, K, RNDY, CLX

    Clorox (NYSE: CLX) implemented a category marketing strategy for the Roundy's (NYSE: RNDY) supermarket chain that boosted sales for several Clorox products. Most notably, Clorox disinfecting wipes sales improved by 154 percent, reported Ann Meyer for Retail Leader. With the Prevent, Protect, and Soothe campaign, Clorox separated products and services into four categories: On Me, In Me, Around Me, and Help Me, explained Consumer Goods Technology. The campaign encouraged more »

  • Stick Around for Dividends at Roundy's

    By Eric Novinson - April 4, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU

    The Roundy's (NYSE: RNDY) supermarket chain only recently started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Two things about this stock immediately caught my eye, its P/E ratio and its trading range. The supermarket chain's shares have already risen from $8.50 per share at the February 8th IPO to nearly $12 a share. Even after rallying nearly 50 percent, Roundy's still has a P/E more »

  • The Ultimate Supermarket Sweep!

    By Tom Gibbs - March 7, 2012 | Tickers: RNDY, SWY, SVU, KR, WMT | Editor's Choice

    Despite supermarkets competing in extremely fragmented markets, with competition not only coming from small mom-and-pop grocers and larger regional chains, but also to a certain extent quick service and sit down restaurants, the industry is characterized by relatively stable market share.  The primary reason is that a consumer’s choice of supermarkets is usually based on the grocer’s proximity to a home or workplace.  Consumers generally seek to engage more »