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  • REIT's: Once the Darlings, Now the Dogs?

    By Stephen Benz - July 4, 2013 | Tickers: PCL, PCH

    I'm sick and tired with the daily fluctuations in the market driven by fear and speculation over when the Federal Reserve's bond buying program known as Quantitative Easing will be slowed and eventually stopped. 

    Actually, check that.  Daily fluctuations don't bother me at all; it's the 24/7 financial news organizations fanning the flames that really grinds my gears.  The upside to all the consternation is more »

  • Investors: Who Do You Believe?

    By Michael Ugulini - July 1, 2013 | Tickers: PCH, RFP, WY

    As an investor, if there is ever a time for engaging in even more diligent “due diligence,” that time is now. There’s a lot of hot air blowing around, and it isn’t just because summer’s arrived. The current investment climate is rife with hype, bold (and maybe even some unfounded prognostications), and contradictory views that can confuse investors.  

    I’m looking at the lumber, forest products, and more »

  • Play It Safe With This Timber REIT

    By Mark Lin - May 23, 2013 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, WY

    Timber REITs are more defensive and better inflation hedges than other types of REITs. But not all timber REITs are created equal. Plum Creek Timber (NYSE: PCL), North America’s first and largest timber REIT, is the best proxy for the growth in demand for timber with the recovery in the U.S. housing market, given that it has limited non-timberland businesses unlike its peers. Furthermore, its attractiveness relative to more »

  • How to Hedge Housing’s Next Move

    By Matthew DiLallo - December 7, 2012 | Tickers: HOV, PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    Consider for a moment what Ara Hovnanian, the CEO of major US homebuilder Hovnanian (NYSE: HOV) said recently about housing,

    We are undoubtedly well on the recovery route. It's not a question of are we beginning it. I'd say it began at the beginning of this year and that's not just for Hovnanian, that's for the entire industry…that means we're all going to start more »

  • This Timber REIT is a Great ‘Pulp Friction’ Investment

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - November 13, 2012 | Tickers: EMN, PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    At the 2012 Invest for Kids conference, Alex Klabin of Senator Investment Group pitched an idea he calls ‘Pulp Friction.’ Klabin’s pick, Rayonier (NYSE: RYN), is a timber REIT with performance fiber operations. Klabin says about Rayonier: "It has sex appeal...with the fiber segment having high margins and high barriers to entry and the REIT segment being like an annuity and inflation hedge." Both Klabin and Doug Silverman more »

  • Lumbering Into Profits

    By Gerelyn Terzo - October 10, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, WY

    Note: This article erroneously referenced Weyerhaeuser quarterly dividend. The error has been corrected.


    If you ask Eric Cremers, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Potlatch (NASDAQ: PCH), a company that boasts of some 1.4 million acres of timberland ownership, the housing market has found its footing. Supporting his view on recovery are rising mortgage applications, which advanced nearly 17% in the last week of September, according to more »

  • A Company for the Housing Recovery

    By Stephen Benz - August 28, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, WY

    The housing market is showing signs of recovery.  Before talking about the positives, I think it’s best to really show the severity of the situation.  This chart shows Single-Family housing starts for each year starting in 1990. 


    <img src="/media/images/user_13027/graph1_11_large.png" />

    Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies

    While it’s unlikely there will be a return to the boom of the early 2000’s, it’s clear there is still a lot of more »

  • Nothing Exciting to Report from Plum Creek

    By Matthew DiLallo - August 3, 2012 | Tickers: BAM, PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    You have to admit; there truly are few things more boring than an investment in timber. Plant a tree, wait, wait some more, send the kids off to college, wait again, harvest the tree and then repeat the cycle. While it’s not exactly that simple, it is hard to find much to be excited about.

    So when Plum Creek (NYSE: PCL) reported earnings the other day, I had to more »

  • 5 Green Plays for Dividend Lovers

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - July 20, 2012 | Tickers: APD, GE, IDA, KDN, PCH

    Many nations have embarked on the mission to clean the world and to achieve economic growth that is environmentally sustainable. Businesses have increased the use of green energy and have started to promote environmentally friendly policies. The recent surge in oil prices has increased the number of alternative energy production initiatives, which are increasingly receiving support from a number of governments around the world. The quest to clean the world more »

  • Why I’m Buying this Great Resources Play

    By Matthew DiLallo - June 26, 2012 | Tickers: BIP, PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    If you’ve followed me for any length of time, today’s trade for the “No Drip, No Mess” Portfolio should come as no surprise.  There are few companies that I’ve written more about because despite the boringness of their business, the management team is an excellent case study on how to manage a public company for the benefit of shareholders.  Not only are they the largest private landowner more »

  • Is Plum Creek’s Dividend Really Secure and Reliable?

    By Matthew DiLallo - June 21, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    I’ve been invested in Plum Creek (NYSE: PCL) for a long time, happily collecting dividend and option income along the way.  Shares for the most part have meandered along like a calm mountain stream; however, their underlying cash flows have been drying up.  The question that investors should be asking is if their dividend is as secure and reliable as management would seem to indicate.

    The Industry

    As a more »

  • The Final Battle of the Hardwoods: Plum Creek Timber vs. Potlatch

    By Matthew DiLallo - March 27, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, RYN, WY | Editor's Choice

    In a previous article I took a look at Plum Creek Timber (NYSE: PCL) and how they’re more of a pure play on timberland when compared to Rayonier (NYSE: RYN) because of Rayonier’s large Performance Fibers business, which while exceptional, contributes to a large part of their earnings as opposed to income derived from their timberlands.  From there, I wrote that tiny sapling Potlatch (NASDAQ: PCH) is a more »

  • Battle of the Hardwoods (Part Two): Which Timber REIT Stands Above the Rest?

    By Matthew DiLallo - March 27, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    In a recent article I took a brief look at Plum Creek Timber (NYSE: PCL) versus Rayonier (NYSE: RYN) which were my second and third seedlings in a battle for the best Timber REIT.  Plum Creek took that battle as a majority of Rayonier’s income comes from their Performance Fibers business and not from managing their timberlands.  Today I want to take a look at number one seedling Weyerhaeuser more »

  • Battle of the Hardwoods: Which Timber REIT Stands above the Rest?

    By Matthew DiLallo - March 23, 2012 | Tickers: CUT, WOOD, PCL, PCH, RYN, WY | Editor's Choice

    It’s no secret that I’m a believer that timberlands serve as a better hedge against inflation than silver or gold.  The organic growth characteristic alone is beating inflation as measured by CPI-U as timber grows about 4% per year with inflation running around 3%.  Timber is much less volatile as an asset class than silver or gold, which can be driven more by momentum than fundamentals.  That’s more »

  • Timber REIT Looks to Gain from Long-Term Trends

    By Maxwell Fisher - February 29, 2012 | Tickers: PCL, PCH, RYN, WY

    Plum Creek Timber Co. (NYSE: PCL) is the largest private owner of timberland in the U.S. and one of just a few timber real estate investment trusts – REIT – providing income investors with a way to diversify away from the office buildings and shopping centers of mainstream REITs. The Wall Street analysts like to try to parse the quarter-by-quarter data to give the best estimate of the next quarter's more »