Nuance Communications

  • The Shocking Truth About Big Dividends

    By Adem Tahiri - August 15, 2013 | Tickers: FTR, NUAN, WEN

    There's a shocking truth about dividends, one that you might not want to hear. The big truth, about big dividends, is that they're not as safe as you'd think. 

    The shocking truth about dividends

    Not all dividends are good dividends, and some companies are killing themselves by raising their dividends. Over time, dividend stocks do out perform the market as a whole. But, as I've written more »

  • Is Nuance Finally Ready to Rumble?

    By Mark Holder - August 13, 2013 | Tickers: ADBE, INTU, NUAN

    Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) is counting on the potential of technologies that allow for virtual assistants and electronic health records via voice recognition, and the company has promised a stronger future than the actual results.

    After guiding yet again to weak results going forward, the stock actually rebounded after an initial selloff. After the previous quarterly disappointment, the stock plunged from $24 to $20. This time though, the stock rebounded more »

  • Carl Icahn is Getting More Bullish on This Voice Recognition Business

    By Anh HOANG - June 28, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, GOOG, NUAN

    Billionaire Carl Icahn has recently increased his exposure to the voice and language solution provider Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) through derivatives. He reported that until now, his associated companies and funds owned more than 16 million shares in call options, with an exercise price of $12.30 expired February 2015, and sold the same amount of shares in put options, with the same exercise price and same settlement date.

    The more »

  • 3 Stocks to Indulge Your Bull Market Euphoria

    By Nikhil Shamapant - June 20, 2013 | Tickers: INFN, INVN, NUAN

    The market has been doing fairly well lately. With the S&P 500 up 23% in the last year, it’s easy for investors to start feeling pretty good about themselves. Of course, now is the time to pay the most attention to the risks in the market. Europe’s economy is still throwing a tantrum, Syria is threatening to create a surge in oil prices which could have mixed more »

  • Nuance, Research In Motion, Turnaround After Omnivision

    By Jacob Wolinsky - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: T, BBRY, NUAN, OVTI

    Successful corporate turnarounds can substantially increase shareholders’ wealth and there are enough examples in the recent past of such fundamental improvements in operations. OmniVision (NASDAQ: OVTINASDAQ: OVTI)) is one such company and encouraging developments at Research In Motion (NASDAQ: BBRY) and Nuance (NASDAQ: NUAN) indicate these may be next in line. Here is a closer look:

    Research In Motion Recovery in Stocks This Year

    Research In Motion is not a company more »

  • A Closer Look at This Software Company's Recent Results

    By Eric Novinson - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, IBM, NUAN

    Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) specializes in speech recognition. This software company has defended its market by purchasing smaller rivals. Nuance can't buy MicrosoftGoogle, or IBM (NYSE: IBM) though, so competition remains a risk factor. Nuance also reported weak results for the fiscal second quarter of 2013. Surprisingly, these results may help make the bull case for Nuance.

    Latest Results

    Nuance admitted that its second quarter went poorly. The more »

  • This Speech Recognition Company Faces Headwind

    By Vladimir Zernov - June 10, 2013 | Tickers: GOOG, MSFT, NUAN

    Did you ever dream of talking to your PC? Just imagine: you relax on your chair, say what you have to say, and everything is typed for you.

    Well, speech recognition systems do exist in the market. Of course, they are not yet faultless, so you would have to edit your recordings. However, the technology gets better every day.

    Sadly, technological advances are not always supported by stock price advances more »

  • This Stock Plunged, But Expect a Rebound Soon

    By Chris Lau - June 3, 2013 | Tickers: CRUS, NUAN, OVTI

    Ever since Barclays presented Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ: CRUS) in negative light at its TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications) conference, shares have dropped back to the teens. Barclays said that it expects lower average selling prices would hurt sales this year. Concern was high that that its largest customer represented 85% of revenue in the fourth quarter.

    Reliance on one customer

    Cirrus relies on Apple for more than half of its more »

  • Just Say It! Voice-Recognition Is the Next Tech Wave

    By Nauman Aly - May 20, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN

    The company that makes the biggest profits in the next wave of technology breakthroughs will be the first one to market devices that really talk. We've all been astounded by Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Siri personal assistant. But while Apple has raised the bar by popularizing the idea of talking devices, Siri is just the tip of the iceberg.

    All manner of talking devices are on their way to more »

  • Are Speech Recognition Companies A Good Investment? Ask Siri

    By Brenda Johnson - May 16, 2013 | Tickers: AMZN, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN

    Last week, I had a day where everyone I happened to chat with here in Silicon Valley was complaining of wrist pain.  No wonder, between our work and new found social media habits, many of us spend upwards of ten hours per day just typing on our beloved laptops or iPad keyboards. Enter speech recognition to save the day.  

    The top dog

    The undisputed leader of the speech recognition field more »

  • Voice: The User Interface for the Personal Assistant Age

    By BA McKenna - April 27, 2013 | Tickers: AMZN, AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN | Editor's Choice

    The activity in the voice technologies space continues to heat up, making it loud and clear that voice, particularly natural language speech, is fast becoming an increasingly important user-interface mode.

    Tech Crunch reported last week that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) acquired True Knowledge, a British company that developed a personal assistant app for Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS and Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android called “Evi” using its internally developed natural more »

  • This Company Holds The Key To The Future Of Computing

    By Chad Henage - April 19, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN | Editor's Choice

    In talking with a friend about different technology companies, he made a comment that stuck with me. He said that in his eyes, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has sort of perfected the touch interface. While Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has done a good job with its Android operating system, everyone else is basically playing catch up.

    When I asked him his thoughts about Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and their Windows 8 product, he more »

  • This Company Holds The Key To The Future Of Computing

    By Chad Henage - April 17, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, NUAN

    In talking with a friend about different technology companies, he made a comment that stuck with me. He said that in his eyes, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has sort of perfected the touch interface. While Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has done a good job with its Android operating system, everyone else is basically playing catch up.

    When I asked him his thoughts about Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and their Windows 8 product, he more »

  • What's Next for Apple?

    By Greg Williamson - April 15, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, GLW, NUAN

    Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is not the largest company based on revenue or market cap, but it is widely recognized as being the most successful and innovative company in the world.

    Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple began an amazing period of innovation that started when the company completely revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes. This success was followed by Apple's creation of the iPhone and more »

  • What's The Best Way To Get a Piece Of Icahn?

    By Jacob Wolinsky - April 15, 2013 | Tickers: IEP, NUAN, RIG

    Activist investors are a dime a dozen these days, yet some of them are redefining capital markets like no one else. Carl Icahn has an amazing knack for identifying undervalued companies and, unlike Warren Buffett, who sits comfortably after buying a stake, he makes it a point to ensure that the management takes note of his interest and delivers. Besides, he mostly manages to wriggle his way into favor. Nuance more »

  • The Nuance of Voice Recognition

    By Lamont Wood - April 8, 2013 | Tickers: MSFT, NUAN

    Any investor’s quest for technology’s next big thing will turn up speech recognition. And it may be the next big thing, but the problem is finding a pure play—a firm whose financial success is wedded to the success of speech recognition technology.

    Why speech recognition? Most people use a keyboard to input text, but without training they are unlikely to type faster than 40 words per minute more »

  • Should We Follow Icahn Into This Voice Solutions Provider?

    By Anh HOANG - April 4, 2013 | Tickers: IBM, MSFT, NUAN

    Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn has gotten active again by accumulating a 9.3% stake in Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN), a voice and language solutions provider to businesses and consumers globally. After Icahn’s stake was publicly disclosed, Nuance surged as much as 9%. However, since the beginning of the year, Nuance has experienced a significant decline of around 13.4%. Should investors follow Carl Icahn into Nuance at its more »

  • 2 Buys and One to Avoid From Tech Stocks Missing Giant Rally

    By Chris Lau - March 14, 2013 | Tickers: BIDU, NUAN, NVDA

    When a meteoric rally in stock markets takes place, investors ingrained to invest in value could start by looking at the companies that were left out. In the one-year period, the Nasdaq QQQ (QQQ) is up around 9%. Surprisingly, the technology-heavy index underperformed the S&P 500, which rose 17.5% in the same period. The decline in Apple shares (which is down 20% in the year) contributed to the more »

  • Nuance: Buy or Sell?

    By Chris Lau - February 15, 2013 | Tickers: NUAN, OVTI, SYNA

    Investors punished Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) after the company reported quarterly earnings that missed estimates, and guided several quarters of weak sales in two core business areas. Nuance now expects healthcare and sales in emerging markets (“EMEA”) to be weaker than previously estimated.

    Business Model at Risk

    Nuance, whose core business offering is in converting spoken words to text, is facing a fundamental decline in medical transcription volumes. As electronic more »

  • Undervalued or Overvalued: The Answer Might Surprise You

    By Tyler Wofford - February 15, 2013 | Tickers: AIG, BRS, NFLX, NUAN

    People often have discussions about how the value of a company relates to investors. These are good discussions to have, because often times it's hard to tell how a company is valued because of growth and other factors. There are two companies that seem dramatically undervalued as well as two companies that appear overvalued -- even if it's not obvious.  


    Although some investors may not have heard of more »

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