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  • Keep Your Money Away From 2D Printing

    By Phillip Woolgar - July 25, 2013 | Tickers: HPQ, LXK, XRX

    In a 2D-printing market that is so competitive, even the giants are failing to keep up revenues. That competition makes operations difficult in an industry that demands massive resources to ensure product lines are current.

    The following are the three largest 2D-printing companies, and while I wouldn't recommend buying shares of any of them, not all should be completely ruled out.

    Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK) specializes in developing, manufacturing more »

  • Does Icahn's Offer Add up for Dell Shareholders?

    By Bob Chandler - May 17, 2013 | Tickers: DELL, HPQ, LXK | Editor's Choice

    Famed investor Carl Icahn and money manager Southeastern Asset Management have joined forces to provide shareholders an alternative to Michael Dell's controversial $24.4 billion bid to take the company he founded, Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), private. Mr. Icahn and Southeastern believe that Dell's $13.65 a share offer, with private equity firm Silver Lake, is an opportunistic effort to buy the company at a bargain price.

    Icahn's more »

  • Hedge Fund Blue Mountain Capital Buys up 5.6% of Tech Company

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - April 30, 2013 | Tickers: CAJ, HPQ, INTC, LXK, SNE

    Blue Mountain Capital Management, a hedge fund managed by Andrew Feldstein and Stephen Siderow with $5 billion in assets under management, has reported a position of 3.6 million shares in Lexmark (NYSE: LXK), a $1.8 billion market cap company that provides printing equipment and develops enterprise software.

    We at Insider Monkey track quarterly 13F filings from hedge funds such as Blue Mountain as part of our work researching more »

  • Are These 3 Neglected Tech Plays Worth Buying?

    By Chris Lau - April 29, 2013 | Tickers: CREE, IRBT, LXK

    The earnings season gives investors an opportunity to review the health of their holdings. The timing is especially important because there's a high probability that the markets will correct. Markets rose steadily since mid-November, 2012, and have yet to drop.

    The Nasdaq index, as measured by the PowerShares QQQ ETF (QQQ), did dip 3% before nearly recovering those losses. The index is now trying to reach a peak it more »

  • Computer Peripherals/Office Electronics: Performance Of The Top Players

    By Naomi Warmate-Igwe - April 16, 2013 | Tickers: CAJ, LXK, XRX

    With an expected annual growth rate of 8% over the next few years, the global market for computer peripherals is expected to be around $245 billion in 2015. The U.S. market is presently around $20 billion, and the anticipated economic turnaround is likely to help companies operating in this industry. Computer peripherals refers to electronic equipment connected to a computer by cables and includes items like keyboards, mouses, printers more »

  • Razors vs Razor Blade Businesses

    By Reuben Brewer - February 26, 2013 | Tickers: AAPL, T, HPQ, ISRG, LXK, PG, VZ

    Selling razor blades is a great business. It's so good that razor companies frequently give away or heavily subsidize the razor itself, focusing instead on making money off of the sale of razor blades, which have to be frequently replaced. This “device” and “consumable” relationship is prevalent throughout the business world and can be a great money maker.

    The Razor Blade Example

    Modern razors, like those manufactured by Gillette more »

  • Lexmark: What's Next for Printers?

    By Matthew Frankel - January 22, 2013 | Tickers: CAJ, HPQ, LXK

    Lexmark (NYSE: LXK) has been one of the premier manufacturers of laser and inkjet printers since 1997, when it introduced the first sub-$100 color inkjet printer.  Since then, however, demand for printers has become an ongoing concern, and it has forced Lexmark and its competitors to rethink their business models.  With the company set to report earnings next Tuesday, investors will be looking for concrete plans from the company more »

  • A Diamond in the Rough

    By Robert Hanley - December 21, 2012 | Tickers: DDD, DELL, HPQ, LXK

    The computer hardware business has been in a state of flux for a number of years, as customers have flocked to mobile devices and software applications have migrated toward cloud computing.  The speed and cost savings of the online world have been great for customers, but not so good for the big computer and printer manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ), Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), and Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK).  The three more »

  • Concerns About this Business Send Shares Sliding

    By Naomi Warmate-Igwe - December 19, 2012 | Tickers: CAJ, LXK, XRX

    A few days ago, shares of Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK), a known printer manufacturer with its shares currently trading at $23.18, slid by over 6%. This decline was as a result of the downgrade by Deutsche Bank analysts, with an $18 price target set on the stock. The major reason behind this is that the analysts from Deutsche Bank believe that the inkjet printers market is growing weaker by more »

  • This Turnaround Will Make Investors Rich

    By Ted Cooper - December 17, 2012 | Tickers: CAJ, LXK, XRX

    With seemingly everything going online these days, anything related to hard-copy printing has been left for dead by investors. Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK) is no exception. The company has had a terrible decade featuring rapidly declining sales in the wake of weak macroeconomic fundamentals. It also faces stiff competition from Xerox (NYSE: XRX) and Canon (NYSE: CAJ), among others. However, the market has overreacted to Lexmark's declining sales, which more »

  • Four High Yielding Tech Plays With Growth Opportunities

    By Matthew Frankel - December 6, 2012 | Tickers: AAPL, INTC, LXK, MCHP, MSFT, STX

    When planning a dividend portfolio, investors want safety.  The primary concerns are security of the income stream and preservation of capital.  However, sometimes investors want both a great yield and significant potential for future growth.

    Tech stocks are generally not known for their high yields.  Of those who pay dividends, their growth days are widely thought to be behind them.  Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is a great example of this.  Apple more »

  • Four Cheap Dividend Payers

    By Reuben Brewer - December 6, 2012 | Tickers: AXAHY.PK, CLF, DDAIF.PK, LXK

    I was working with some stock screens recently in a search for “cheap” dividend payers. I like to keep my searches simple, so I only included three criteria: a reasonable market cap, a share price “close” to book value, and a dividend yield at or above 4%. Four companies that stood out are Cliffs Natural Resources (NYSE: CLF), Daimler AG (NASDAQOTC: DDAIF), AXA Group (NASDAQOTC: AXAHY), and Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK).

  • Technology Dividends From Outside The Dow

    By Reuben Brewer - November 20, 2012 | Tickers: CA, LXK, MCHP

    I recently wrote an article about giant technology companies that pay dividends. All five of the stocks I highlighted are in the Dow 30. However, there are plenty of additional dividend paying technology stocks out there. For example, some relatively high yielding tech names that might pop up on a dividend focused investors' list include: Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK), Microchip Technology (NASDAQ: MCHP), and CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA).

  • Is The Recent Panic In 3D Systems Warranted?

    By Deniel Mero - October 4, 2012 | Tickers: DDD, AAPL, HPQ, LXK, SSYS

    There has been a recent sense of panic surrounding the 3D printing industry leaders 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) and Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS), as both companies have experienced significant declines in stock price in the month of September. Both DDD and SSYS have taken 20% haircuts in the last month as investors have been flocking out of the company, some taking profits while others flustered by the volatility. This “sky is more »

  • “Lex” marks the spot…

    By Evan Buck - September 5, 2012 | Tickers: CAJ, DELL, HPQ, LXK, XRX

    Lexmark, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) has just announced their exit from the inkjet printer industry.  The company is now focusing on developing its more profitable software, managed-print services, and laser-printing operations.  Lexmark is seeking to curtail expenses by laying off about 13% of its workforce and close down facilities in the Philippines.  Lexmark wants to get out of an already sticky situation that is unfolding in the printer industry.

  • Is This Tech Giant a Good Turnaround Play?

    By Keki Fatakia - July 25, 2012 | Tickers: AAPL, CSCO, HPQ, IBM, LXK, MSFT

    Tech giant Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) seems to be getting slapped from all sides. Recently, the company’s stockholders got a jolt when peer, Lexmark (NYSE: LXK) slashed its second quarter revenue and profit projections due to weakening demand from European countries and adverse exchange rates. This news, in turn, made HP investors worried about its own printing business which has struggled for quite some time.

    Business customers, which form more »

  • Why James Chanos Is Wrong About HP

    By Maxwell Fisher - July 23, 2012 | Tickers: HPQ, JPM, LXK

    Highly regarded short seller James Chanos is now betting against Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ). The hedge fund manager had some strong words for the PC giant, stating "they're in declining business," and calling the stock "the ultimate value trap for investors....they're destroying value." He also said "They're hiding their R&D spending through acquisitions."

    Each is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I would beg more »

  • Why Hewlett Packard’s Troubles Never Seem to End?

    By Subhadeep Ghose - July 17, 2012 | Tickers: GM, HPQ, LXK, XRX

    Tech giant Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) seems to be facing problems on all fronts, and the Street is definitely not impressed as the stock has fallen a substantial 26% this year. Investors are anticipating a slump in demand for HP’s famous line of printers, as close competitor Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK) slashed its revenue and income outlook for the second quarter, thanks to weakening European market demand and a more »

  • Insiders are Buying this Tech Giant

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - June 13, 2012 | Tickers: CSCO, DELL, HPQ, IBM, LXK

    Since the start of 2012, the technology sector has been the best performing segment of the market, returning nearly 11 percent.  Much of this expansion has been driven by the computer systems industry, which has grown twice as quickly.  Interestingly, one of the largest companies in this arena has also been quite the laggard.

    Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) has lost 15.8 percent year to date.  In its most recent earnings more »

  • Why this Part of Tech is Structurally Challenged

    By Lee Samaha - May 31, 2012 | Tickers: CAJ, HPQ, IRM, LXK, TECD

    One of the best ways to get a read on an industry is to look at what its distributors are saying.

    With this in mind, I felt IT distributor Tech Data (NASDAQ: TECD) gave some interesting commentary. Investors in Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) should be particularly interested as 10% of Tech Data’s revenues come from HP products.

    In summary, Tech Data is currently seeing strength in mobility (cell phones and more »

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