Intrepid Potash

  • This Company Is on the Verge of Repurchasing up to 20% of its Shares

    By Shaun Currie - August 21, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    Mosaic Co (NYSE: MOS), one of the world's leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients, is on the verge of a massive share repurchase program designed to be completed by year-end. Since its spinoff from Cargill two years ago, the company has been unable to repurchase shares of its stock through a restriction in the spinoff. The Cargill Family and Charitable Trust currently hold a more »

  • Should You Avoid All Potash Producers?

    By Federico Zaldua - August 5, 2013 | Tickers: BHP, IPI, POT

    Uralkali, one of the biggest and most cost efficient potash producers in the world, has just announced a change in its marketing strategy from price-over-volume to volume maximization. Since Uralkali's marginal production costs are just below $100 per tonne and current potash prices are around $400 per tonne (a few years ago the price was at $900), the price of this commodity might keep on plummeting going forward. The more »
  • Is the Potash Industry Doomed?

    By Bob Ciura - July 31, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    In a dramatic move that clearly surprised the market, Russia’s Uralkali disrupted one of the world’s largest potash partnerships by ending its joint venture with its partner in Belarus. Because of this, potash production is expected to jump, and as a result, global potash prices are expected to decline by as much as 25%.

    This caused a massive hemorrhaging in shares of potash producers, including Potash Corp. (NYSE: POTmore »)

  • This Potash Producer Is Ripe for a Breakout!

    By Ted Cooper - July 10, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    In many industries, companies differentiate their products as a means to attract customers and justify higher prices. However, in commodity industries, the product is uniform and the price is set by the market. Therefore, the only way for companies to differentiate themselves is by becoming the lowest-cost producer -- thereby enabling the company to earn higher margins than its peers.

    Potash producers sell a commodity product. Therefore, market leaders like Mosaic more »

  • Why You Should Invest in the Leaders of the Agriculture Industry

    By Damian Illia - June 11, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, MON, SYT

    World population growth is putting an ever increasing stress on food producers. The situation is aggravated by irregular rain patterns and soil degradation. In order to meet the rising demand, since the 1960’s, farmers have turned to genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and nutrients. Hence, Monsanto (NYSE: MON), Intrepid Potash (NYSE: IPI), and Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) serve a meaningful purpose for the society.

    Protect investment

    Earlier, granddad visited the farm more »

  • Is Your Favorite Stock About to Fizzle?

    By Neha Chamaria - March 15, 2013 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, POT, MOS

    One industry that grabbed eyeballs as 2013 kicked off was fertilizers. Companies dealing in potash were at the forefront as deals flew in from two of the most important markets for the nutrient. The contracts that the cartel Canpotex, which includes PotashCorp (NYSE: POT), Mosaic (NYSE: MOS), and Agrium (NYSE: AGU), bagged from China and India early this year is kind of old news by now. But its repercussions still more »

  • Fertilize Your Portfolio With These Stocks

    By Kirk Spano - March 6, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    Satisfying long-term growth in food demand will require more use of fertilizer over time. These two companies operate at opposite ends of the market cap spectrum but both offer big long term upsides. 

  • 5 Solid Reasons to Buy This Stock at Today's Price

    By Neha Chamaria - February 28, 2013 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, POT, MOS

    At a time when most stocks are hitting new highs, it surprises me to see this one languishing at a price barely 10% away from its 52-week low. This company is cash rich and sharing it with investors. It dominates the industry, boasts excellent margins, and awaits strong tailwinds this year. Why would anyone then not want to be a PotashCorp (NYSE: POT) investor?

    Expect a better year

    Nearly half more »

  • 5 Underlying Trends Supporting This Fertilizer Company

    By Daniel Cook - February 26, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    Analysts adjust what they are guiding—as potash prices continue sliding.

    Perhaps it’s time to start buy-buy buying?

    The USDA expects farm-income in 2013 to be the highest in 40 years. Unless they lose it all speculating in the future’s market, farmers across the world will be using a portion of their earnings to put nutrients back into the ground.

    Bottom Line: Analysts have already begun lowering their more »

  • Potash: A Good Way to Fertilize an Investment Portfolio?

    By Michael Ugulini - February 8, 2013 | Tickers: VALE, IPI, POT

    Using potash fertilizers can increase crop yields and improve plant quality, especially where potassium is deficient in the soil. "Potash" refers to a group of potassium (K) bearing minerals and chemicals. The dominant potash in the market is the compound potassium chloride (KCl). Fertilizer manufacturers mine this potassium from naturally occurring potash ore deposits. Can holding shares in potash companies increase your investment yields and portfolio quality? They can, but more »

  • 3 Bubbles Investors Should Watch Out For

    By William Bias - January 22, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, KGC, SWHC, RGR, MOS

    Investopedia characterizes bubbles as, “rapid expansion followed by a contraction.” The dot com bubble of the 90s where technology stocks with lousy fundamentals soared to the stars due to the enthusiasm surrounding the “new tech paradigm” serves as one of the most famous examples. Then at the turn of the millennium the dot com bubble burst taking the rest of the stock market along with it. Investing during a bubble period can bring great harm to a portfolio. Being mindful of bubbles can tell the investor what to stay away from and whether or not to wait for a better stock price entry point. Right now, three bubbles quietly expand.

  • 4 Takeaway’s From Lindsay’s Last Earnings Call

    By William Bias - January 18, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, LNN, MOS

    On Jan. 8, 2013, irrigation and road infrastructure manufacturer, Lindsay (NYSE: LNN) reported (sign-in required) outstanding first quarter fiscal year 2013 numbers. Revenue increased 24% and gross margins expanded to 29% from 25%. Lindsay returned shareholders 5% since the earnings announcement (chart below). Net earnings increased a whopping 407%. Lindsay’s success is owed to some of the same catalysts permeating the entire agricultural industry: an expanding world population, expanding emerging economies and increasing environmental awareness tempered by short term concerns as indicated in the four takeaways outlined here.

  • Why These Stocks Could Be Too Salty for Your Liking

    By Neha Chamaria - January 15, 2013 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, POT, MOS

    PotashCorp (NYSE: POT) investors were left with nothing by the time 2012 ended – the stock was 5% in the red. Potash sealed its fate. The salt dug holes in Mosaic’s (NYSE: MOS) bottom line as well, though Mr. Market was benevolent enough to let the stock end 2012 with a 9% gain.

    So what has bumped the two stocks 4% each since New Year’s Eve? One deal from more »

  • 5 Takeaways From Mosaic’s Last Earning Call

    By William Bias - January 14, 2013 | Tickers: IPI, POT, MOS

    Fertilizer maker Mosaic (NYSE: MOS) had its earnings call on Jan. 4 giving indication of a cautious short term outlook while at the same time maintaining a positive long term viewpoint. Earnings per share of $1.47 pleased the Wall Street financial gods. However, opportunities and challenges alike face Mosaic and its peers in the fertilizer industry. Investors need to pay heed to five important takeaways from the last earnings call.

  • 4 Fertilizer Companies to Add to Your Watch List

    By William Bias - January 7, 2013 | Tickers: UAN, IPI, POT, TNH

    Global food consumption will steadily increase over the long term as emerging economies industrialize. As the demand for food increases, so will the material used in food production namely fertilizer. Outlined below are four fertilizer companies to add to your watch list.

  • 1 Hugely Ignored High-Potential Stock

    By Neha Chamaria - November 12, 2012 | Tickers: AGU, IPI, POT, MOS

    This stock has been around for just five years, but that’s not the reason why it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is the least diversified among all. Yet, Intrepid Potash’s (NYSE: IPI) performance in its last quarter was a standout -- while peers skid on Street expectations, Intrepid beat on both top and bottom lines.

    By pulling off a great quarter, Intrepid busted some myths investors more »

  • The Future is Bright for This Company

    By Abir Karmakar - September 25, 2012 | Tickers: AGU, BHP, CF, IPI, POT, MOS




  • Here’s Why Hedge Funds Love Rentech

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - September 19, 2012 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, POT, RTK

    In today’s financial world, there aren’t many stocks that surprise investors, as there are millions upon millions of equity research reports available 24/7, at the click of a mouse. Okay, to call some of these analyses reports is a bit of a stretch, but you get the point. With the seemingly endless array of free analytical information out there, it’s easy to be a believer in more »

  • Here’s Another Magic Formula Stock for Your Portfolio

    By Soroush Pour - August 9, 2012 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, MON, POT

    Back in June, we shared hedge fund manager Joel Greenblatt’s investment strategy with you, aptly known as the Magic Formula approach.  In this article, we explained that ConvergysPhillips 66HollyFrontier, and GameStop exhibited the unique combination of: (1) a high return on invested capital, or ROIC, and (2) a high EBIT to enterprise value ratio.  While there are many different indicators used for investment evaluation, Greenblatt believes these more »

  • Deep-Rooted Value in Fertilizer Stocks

    By Andrés Cardenal - June 11, 2012 | Tickers: AGU, CF, IPI, POT, MOS

    The fertilizer business is usually quite volatile, prices and volume tend to fluctuate widely from quarter to quarter, and profit margins are hard to estimate due to the cyclicality of the business. However, many of these companies are trading now at historically low valuations, and they are fundamentally solid businesses with high levels of profitability and promising long term prospects. Over the long term, fertilizer stocks are well positioned for more »

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