• U.S. Energy Department Says Fracking Not A Problem

    By Reuben Brewer - August 5, 2013 | Tickers: HCLP, KMP, UPL

    Bloomberg reports that U.S. “Energy Department researchers so far have found 'nothing of concern'” in a Fracking contamination study. If the final report is as positive, the U.S. oil and natural gas drilling industry will get a boost. Consider Ultra Petroleum (NYSE: UPL), Hi-Crush Partners (NYSE: HCLP), and pipeline giant Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (NYSE: KMP).

    Fracking is a new drilling technique. Its proponents say that it has more »

  • Sand and Water, the “Picks and Shovels” of Hydraulic Fracturing

    By Robert Zimmerman - June 17, 2013 | Tickers: HCLP, NES, SLCA

    All companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing need two basic things: water to fracture rock so as to release oil and gas, and proppants, particulates mixed in the water to keep the fractures open. The future looks bright for hydraulic fracturing as America’s demand for oil and gas relentlessly grows. Let’s see how investors can profit from water and proppants in the hydraulic fracturing world.

    Total solutions for all more »

  • Profiting from Fracking

    By Dusan Jovanic - May 13, 2013 | Tickers: CRR, HCLP, SLCA | Editor's Choice

    U.S. Silica Holdings (NYSE: SLCA) is one of the beneficiaries of the oil and gas production boom in the United States. The company makes silica products and applications for two business segments: oil and gas, and for industrial and specialty products. U.S. Silica has grown earnings and revenue substantially in the last two years, and has been a great performer, with its stock price more than doubling since more »

  • A Low PEG Commodity Stock Protected by Barriers to Entry

    By Mark Lin - May 9, 2013 | Tickers: CRR, HCLP, SLCA

    People tend to think of commodity stocks as price takers with no competitive advantages, but it is unfair to tar all stocks with the same brush. U.S. Silica (NYSE: SLCA), the second largest producer of commercial silica in the country, is one such exception.

    The difficulty in finding and building new mines, coupled with high transportation costs, act as effective barriers to entry for new entrants seeking to compete more »

  • 3 Ways to Play the Shale Boom

    By Joseph Solitro - March 15, 2013 | Tickers: HCLP, KMP, SWN

    Natural gas shale has been discovered left and right in the United States, making us a worldwide leader in production. This has provided oil and gas companies with plenty of opportunities to get their hands on as much as possible. There are several ways to play this shale boom, with the exploration and production companies, suppliers of products used in the drilling, or the pipelines used to transport the gas more »

  • Hedge Funds Bought Tripadvisor and These Other Stocks Recently

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - December 28, 2012 | Tickers: MDRX, HMA, HCLP, SCTY, TRIP

    We have been tracking recent 13D and 13G filings to see some of the stocks that various hedge funds are buying to get ready for 2013--at least those where the fund has taken a large enough stake to report a position. Investors can’t invest in every single stock that any hedge fund in our coverage universe is buying, but this list of stock picks can still be useful to more »

  • The Proppant Market at the Barclays CEO Energy Conference

    By Eric Fox - September 18, 2012 | Tickers: CRR, HAL, HCLP, SLB, SLCA

    Carbo Ceramics (NYSE: CRR) spoke at a recent energy conference and touted its prowess in improving the productivity of oil and gas wells through the use of the company’s proppant products as well as software to help design better fracturing operations.  The company also addressed investor concerns regarding low cost imports of proppant from China.


    Carbo Ceramics manufactures ceramic and resin coated sand proppant used during hydraulic fracturing more »

  • Fracking: Playing in the Sandbox

    By Elena Cahill - September 17, 2012 | Tickers: EOG, HCLP, SLCA

    The world of investing is filled with regrets about missed opportunities, such as not buying Apple in 1996, and relief at not stampeding toward what’s hyped, like Facebook.  Yet, despite that experience many mistakes are still made. The current U.S. energy boom is a classic example of regrets and relief.  Many investors do not ask the right questions or consider the right risks.  So, let’s look at more »