Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

  • Penske Gaining Foothold in New Geographic Regions

    By usman iftikhar - August 2, 2013 | Tickers: GPI, PAG, RUSHA, RUSHB

    The auto and truck industry has started reverting to its mean level in the American countries due to the aging vehicles on roads, falling unemployment rates and a decline in interest rates charges on purchasing new vehicles.

    The future of this industry is positive, with stocks expected to give higher earnings to investors. The industry has suffered severe financial losses in the previous years due to the slow economic growth more »

  • Which Automotive Retailer is a Good Pick Now?

    By Anh HOANG - August 1, 2013 | Tickers: AN, GPI, SAH

    Since the end of June 2013, Group 1 Automotive (NYSE: GPI) has experienced a significant rise from $60.90 per share to around $73.60 per share, an impressive gain of more than 20%. Interestingly, famous investors like Paul Tudor Jones, Jim Simons and Steven Cohen are holding Group 1 in their portfolios. Let’s take a closer look to determine the attractiveness of Group 1 at its current price more »

  • Car Dealerships: Aided or Complicated by Recession?

    By patricio kehoe - July 29, 2013 | Tickers: GPI, LAD, PAG

    Since the beginning of the economic recession in 2008, the automotive industry took a big hit. The blow was such that some car makers had to be saved by the U.S. government. However, dealerships could not count on that support. Out of those dealers that survived the downturn, here are three that show signs of improvement: Penske Automotive (NYSE: PAG), Lithia Motors (NYSE: LAD), and Group 1 Automotive (NYSE: GPImore »)

  • This Auto Retailer Is Riding the Auto Industry Boom

    By Nicholas Kitonyi - July 9, 2013 | Tickers: AN, GPI, PAG, SAH

    The U.S. automobile industry’s recovery from the declines of four years ago promises a massive upside over the next two years. Some analysts even believe that favorable interest rates and affordable labor could sustain the current boom for several years. The industry seems to be turning the tables against Japan, which has been the benchmark over the last few years.

    For instance, Honda Motors whose majority of auto more »

  • Driving to a Better Economy

    By Marshall Hargrave - June 29, 2013 | Tickers: AN, KMX, GPI

    CarMax (NYSE: KMX) was down 5% over the past week despite posting stellar EPS results. Fiscal 1Q revenue was up 19% year-over-year and surpassed consensus EPS by 10%. With a beta of 1.5, the car retailer has been dragged down with the broader market, but it appears the stock is positioned to pop with a rebound in auto buying. 

    During the last fiscal quarter, CarMax sold some 137,000 more »

  • Don't Forget About These Auto Dealers

    By Mark Yagalla - June 25, 2013 | Tickers: GPI, PAG, SAH

    As the Big Three auto companies have gotten all the attention with stronger auto sales, I think it's important for investors to look for companies under the radar that also benefit. These three auto retailers sell a diverse group of vehicle brands and are able to capitalize on strong car sales across the board. The automotive retail sector is highly fragmented and there's plenty of room for growth more »

  • Mismatch Between Valuation and Profitability Makes This Stock a Buy

    By Mark Lin - June 16, 2013 | Tickers: GPI, PAG, SAH

    Mean reversion is a powerful force that no one should ignore. The average length of ownership of new vehicles has jumped from 8.4 years in 1995 to 10.8 years in 2012. Add cheap financing to the equation and the outlook for U.S. auto sales looks bright.

    Sonic Automotive (NYSE: SAH), one of the largest domestic auto-dealership groups, is a proxy for that growth. In addition, its stable more »

  • Value at the End of the Supply Chain

    By Ted Cooper - March 27, 2013 | Tickers: GPI, PAG, SAH

    While Ford and General Motors are getting a lot of attention due to a recovering auto industry, investors would be wise to look a little further down the line at the auto dealerships.

    Publicly-traded auto dealerships invariably use a roll-up strategy, in which they acquire individual dealerships and improve profitability through economies of scale. Although most revenues come from selling vehicles, the most lucrative part of an auto dealership more »

  • Should You Invest in Used Cars?

    By Nate Wooley - March 3, 2013 | Tickers: CRMT, KMX, GPI, LAD

    So, I just bought myself a car. Note that I don't say that I bought myself a NEW car, but just a car. It's a Chevy Impala with all the bells and whistles and, like a lot of guys with new cars, I'm very pleased with it. It's got a lot of bells and whistles that my old one didn't. Heck, I'm still figuring more »

  • Were these Post-Earnings Reactions Fundamentally Justified?

    By Brian Nichols - February 20, 2013 | Tickers: DAKT, GPI, RRGB

    Earnings and earning-related news is the number one catalyst for stock movement. A strong quarter can dictate the direction of a stock for the following three months as can a bad quarter; in the past I have written in detail about such subjects, a domino effect following a strong or bad quarter. However, sometimes the market gets it wrong, and stocks trend incorrectly. Therefore, I am looking at three big more »

  • This Used Car Dealer Had a Board Member Buy In

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - February 12, 2013 | Tickers: AN, KMX, GPI, PAG, SAH

    According to a filing with the SEC, Rakesh Gangwal, who sits on the Board of Directors at CarMax (NYSE: KMX), purchased 30,000 shares of the company’s stock on February 7 at an average price of $39.43 per share. CarMax is a used car retailer operating in the United States with a market capitalization of just over $9 billion. Insider activity is one of the factors we track more »

  • Auto Parts Business Springs a Leak

    By Robert Hanley - December 11, 2012 | Tickers: AAP, AZO, GPI, ORLY, PBY | Editor's Choice

    The retail auto parts business has enjoyed success over the past few years, as the financial crisis led people to hold on to their cars longer and purchase more maintenance services to increase their vehicle's performance.  The business also consolidated significantly with the advent of national chains, including the big four of AutoZone (NYSE: AZO), Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), O’Reilly Automotive (NASDAQ: ORLY), and Pep Boys (NYSE: PBYmore »)

  • Where Will These Car Dealerships Take You?

    By Chris Hodge - November 19, 2012 | Tickers: ABG, GPI, LAD, PAG

    The auto industry hasn't gotten much good press lately. The big three American car companies have taken flak for receiving government handouts, individually taking private jets to go beg for these handouts, for consistently losing money by crafting designs that insult the tastes of their intended customers. But at a more grassroots level, there's another group of capitalists in the world of cars and trucks -- the auto dealership more »

  • Bill Gates and Eddie Lampert Sold This Company, Should You?

    By Anh HOANG - November 8, 2012 | Tickers: AN, GPI, SAH

    AutoNation (NYSE: AN) has satiated its shareholders with outstanding performance over the last 5 years. In October 2008, the share price was only $4.43, and it was $48.45 in October, nearly an 11 bagger within this 5-year period. Including the recent decrease in the stock price, AutoNation has delivered a return of more than 150% to its shareholders, whereas the S&P500 has generated a 5% loss. 

    <img src="/media/images/user_14219/screen-shot-2012-11-08-at-80957-pm_large.png" />

    AutoNation more »

  • Weak Auto Sales Suggesting Hard Times Ahead?

    By Lee Samaha - June 22, 2012 | Tickers: AN, KMX, GPI, PAG

    CarMax (NYSE: KMX) gave results recently and disappointed the market with its numbers and outlook. However, perhaps the most surprising thing was that the market was surprised! Industry data has suggested that vehicle sales were a bit weaker in May and other economic data has indicated some softness with the consumer. It is hard to conclude that this is the start of the reversal of a strong trend in car more »

  • Which Automotive Retailer should we Buy?

    By Ali Ghorbanzadeh - March 22, 2012 | Tickers: AN, GPI, PAG, SAH

    On March 13-14, multi-billionaire Bill Gates’ investment fund, Cascade Investments, bought collectively 374,792 shares in AutoNation (NYSE: AN) bringing their total ownership to over 15.1 million shares or over 11% of the approximately 132 million shares outstanding from AN’s most recently reported quarter. This is an impressive vote of confidence in the automotive retailer and seems to be reasonable from a valuation perspective as the company trades more »

  • AutoNation: Take Profits Now On This Long Run Loser

    By Christopher French - January 23, 2012 | Tickers: AN, GPI, PAG, SAH

    AutoNation Inc (NYSE: AN) operates over 240 new car dealerships across America. From these dealerships, it also offers services such as auto products, maintenance and repair facilities, and vehicle insurance. With new car sales in the US increasing by 8.9% in 2011 from 2010, times are good for dealerships, and shareholders in AutoNation have been well rewarded over the last 12 months.

     Shares are currently trading around $35.25 more »