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  • Don’t Be Fooled: This Industry is Still a Solid Investment

    By Marie Palumbo - August 16, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    “Have a Coke and a smile.”

    There is nothing better than cracking open an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a hot summer day. Consumers can’t help but smile while indulging in the famous soft drink. For more than a century, Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) spread its empire, building a brand universally recognized around the world. Likewise, PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) was successful in creating a beloved drink that reaches around the globe.

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  • 3 Dividend Stocks That Will Quench Your Thirst

    By Karin Hernandez - August 16, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    When it's 100 degrees outside and the sun is beating down, an ice-cold beverage might be just what you need to cool you off. On the other hand, a dividend-paying beverage stock might be exactly the thing to heat up your portfolio. Whether you prefer to quaff soda or “pop,” there are choices among income-generating companies that are sure to suit.

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  • A Great Company Hiding Inside of an Average One

    By Chad Henage - August 15, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Investors seem to love PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), and the company’s improved performance is obvious in certain areas. Since the company is doing well and recently increased its dividend yet again, it’s understandable that the shares have performed well. That being said, there are several things that PepsiCo investors need to realize, not the least of which is that their company should be doing so much better.

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  • 4 Reasons to Sell This Stock

    By Chad Henage - August 14, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, MNST, PEP

    I’m all for investing in growth companies, and I’m also not afraid to invest in companies that sell for a premium to their expected growth rate. However, there is a fine line between a strong belief in a company’s ability to grow, and delusional hope because you don’t want to be wrong. For Monster Beverage (NASDAQ: MNST) investors, it seems like delusion is driving the stock more »

  • Prepare for the Worst With Beverages

    By Phillip Woolgar - August 14, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Despite the economy appearing to be charging forward, it is always a solid idea to add stability to your portfolio. Do this by insulating your investments from a recession in case an economic slowdown reveals its ugly bearish head. Beverage companies are a surefire way to add stability to your portfolio in case of a recession. After all, people still need to drink when the economy is in the gutter more »

  • Dr. Pepper Sees Expansion Differently

    By Phillip Woolgar - August 14, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    The top 3 non-alcoholic beverage companies in America aren't on a level playing field, but one company is coming out of the nowhere to challenge the big 2 at their own game. Now could be the beginning of something big for this company, so shareholders should get ready for the ride.

    Dr. Pepper is expanding the smart way

    Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS) is competing with two giants more »

  • 5 Reasons This Blue Chip Will Continue to Outperform

    By Chad Henage - August 13, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, MNST, PEP

    You would think that a company with arguably the best brand name in the world might be content to rest on its laurels. If you say the name Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) to almost anyone worldwide, there is instant name recognition. In addition, with several of the top brands worldwide, Coca-Cola isn’t just a one trick pony. What’s amazing is that this iconic company is actually moving away from more »

  • Want to Make Profits? Just Open Your Fridge

    By Rishabh Jain - August 13, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    With a rate of more than 1.8 billion servings a day, the world’s largest beverage company with more than 500 sparkling and still brands recently reported a lackluster quarter. But looking at the company’s future prospects, it seems that Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) has the potential to stay on your portfolio and in your fridge for a long time.

    The bottle opener

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  • Can These Stocks Pop? Or Will They Go Flat?

    By Justin Pope - August 12, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Soda has been an American staple for several decades now. Over the last few years however, the obesity epidemic (rightly or wrongly depending on who you ask) has brought soda under fire socially. As a result soda sales are slowing, and the earnings of the industry giants are stalling a bit. But does this mean soda companies are no longer worth investing in? This look into the major players may more »

  • 4 Reasons to Invest in This Beverage Giant

    By William Bias - August 7, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    On July 16, beverage giant Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) turned in some pretty disappointing numbers. Revenue declined 3% while free cash flow crept up a mere 48 basis points. Management blamed global economic conditions, weather, and environmental conditions for its plight. Probably, the question on your mind: “Is Coca-Cola still a viable long-term investment?” The answer is yes and here’s why.

    Non-soda future

    While Coca-Cola’s sparkling volume remained flat more »


    By Anurag Singal - August 7, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    The sluggish Q2 numbers of Atlanta based Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) have left investors wondering whether the growth story is fizzling out and this is an opportune time to exit. The stock trades at $ 40.37, just 10% below its 52 week high of $43.43.

    Quarter Recap

    Delivering just 1% volume growth, the company quickly took resort to externalities such as poor weather and soft economic conditions to account more »

  • Is This Insider Sale at This Beverage Company a Bearish Sign?

    By Anh HOANG - August 5, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Recently, Larry Young, the President and CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS), sold 74,103 shares of the company worth more than $3.5 million. Since the beginning of the year, Dr Pepper Snapple has gained only 7%, under-performing the S&P 500’s gain of nearly 20%. Dr Pepper Snapple does not seem to be expensive at 14.4 times its forward earnings. Is the recent insider more »

  • Soda Giants providing Fizzy Returns.

    By Zain Raza - August 2, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Soda companies are combating decreasing sales, due to rising health concerns related to obesity and diabetes. CocaCola (NYSE: KO), PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (NYSE: DPS) have been facing headwinds due to decrease in volumes, however, the companies are banking on other products and devising certain strategies to make it through these tough times. PepsiCo. rests in a better position to provide its investors with superior returns more »

  • How to Weatherproof These Soda Stocks

    By John McKenna - July 31, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Markets took a bit of a tumble on July 16 after Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) came out with not-so-impressive earnings for the second quarter. While volumes increased, revenue dropped off, causing a drop in share price, as well as a reported 3% EPS drop. Company executives would be quick to blame global macroeconomic trends for the downturn, which is a good excuse given the still hairy situation across the globe for more »

  • Coke Faces Lawsuit Over Vitaminwater Claims

    By Eileen Rojas - July 30, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) must be breathing a sigh of relief after learning that a suit brought against its Vitaminwater brand for deceptive labeling will not be subject to financial damages. Consumers in California and New York, along with attorneys for health advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest, filed the class action suit. The claim states that Vitaminwater deceptively advertises that consuming the beverage reduces the risks of more »

  • This Soda Maker Is Going Down

    By Waqar Saif - July 29, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    On July 24, the American soft-drink company Dr Pepper Snapple (NYSE: DPS) released its earnings for the second quarter. The company met its earnings estimates, largely due to favorable pricing.

    With the soda industry declining in North America, the million dollar question is: is Dr Pepper Snapple a good long-term buy?

    Quarterly earnings

    Dr Pepper Snapple’s earnings met its estimates (compiled by FactSet), but fell short on a year-over-year more »

  • Pepper, Soda, Cott make for a perfect cocktail

    By Rashmi Singh - July 27, 2013 | Tickers: COT, DPS, SODA

    With the size of the global beverage market expected to reach $ 1350 billion by 2017, I believe there is tremendous scope for the players in the beverage industry.

    Considering the industry potential, I have identified three stocks which I believe are set to outperform in the medium to long term horizon.

    The global beverage industry has been a witness to the rivalry between the two major players viz. Coca-Cola and more »

  • A closer look at the US Beverage industry

    By patricio kehoe - July 26, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    The US beverage industry is divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. The non-alcoholic segment includes carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), fruit beverages, bottled water, milk, sports drinks, energy drinks, nutritional drinks; tea and coffee products. Intensive competition surrounds this industry where companies are struggling to generate more volume outside the US. We are going to analyze three important players.

    The “BRIC war”

    The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the best global more »

  • Coca-Cola Can Still Make Investors Happy

    By Eshna De - July 26, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    Understandably, investors are a little disappointed that Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) could not meet revenue expectations in the just reported second quarter. Some investors thought that risks from falling soda demand in the US as well as economic uncertainties and currency headwinds are weighing too much on the company’s prospects and chose to sell their stakes. This triggered a 1.9% decline in the stock price upon the earnings announcement more »

  • The Most Lucrative Beverage Deal

    By Waqar Saif - July 25, 2013 | Tickers: KO, DPS, PEP

    On July 24, 2013, the American food and beverage giant, PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) announced its earnings for the second quarter. Thanks to price increases and enhanced productivity, the company toppled its earnings and revenue estimates.

    With PepsiCo outperforming its rivals once again, the question is: Is PepsiCo the most attractive investment in the beverage industry?

    Quarterly earnings

    In the second quarter, PepsiCo posted net income of $2.01 billion, or more »

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