• Emerging Markets - The show must go on !

    By Shailendra Raghav - June 23, 2013 | Tickers: DGE, GSK, KRFT, MHFI, ULVR

    The emerging market stocks got butchered in the past two to three months. This was a result of money moving out due to fear of QE tapering. Should this be considered the end of the famous Emerging Markets story??

    Maybe, maybe not!

    But before the question is answered, one should first look at who is taking out the money. And the answer is the Foreign Institutional Investors, who are known more »

  • Boring Liquor's Exciting Opportunity

    By Matthew Luke - March 15, 2013 | Tickers: BEAM, DGE, DEO, PDRDF.PK, PDRDY.PK | Editor's Choice

    Boring companies can be some of the most exciting investment opportunities. When I say “boring," I mean the types of companies that sell the types of products that have existed mostly unchanged for decades, if not longer. When looking for these types of boring investments, it does not get much more boring than the alcoholic beverage industry. And Pernod Ricard (NASDAQOTH: PDRDY), the 216-year old French wine and spirits maker, is a particularly boring company.