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  • Asian Budget Carrier Wars Intensify

    By Peter Pham - January 22, 2013 | Tickers: FAA.DL, EWM, BA

    Rumors abound that one of Asia’s biggest low cost carriers, the Indonesia based privately held PT Lion Mentari Airlines (Lion Air), a traditional Boeing (NYSE: BA) customer, is planning to place another massive order of more than 200 jets, this time however, with Airbus.  In late November, Lion Air’s Commercial Director Edward Sirait said, “We are studying every possibility to fulfill our target for the planes from every more »

  • Expanding Regional Growth Fueling AirAsia’s Takeoff

    By Peter Pham - September 22, 2012 | Tickers: FAA.DL, BA, BNO

    Malaysia’s AirAsia, the continent’s biggest discount airline, is looking to buy a stake in the Serbian JAT airways after a very good 2nd quarter put it in a comfortable position to expand its regional carrier business.  The Serbian government has been looking for a buyer for their unprofitable carrier since 2008 and both the President and Prime Minister are in Russia looking for buyers there as well more »

  • Different Perspectives on Transportation via Three Separate ETFs

    By Jeff Stouffer - September 8, 2012 | Tickers: FAA.DL, DAL, GWR, IYT, LUV, XTN, UNP, UAL

     Transportation of goods and materials is an important fundamental part of our economy. As crucial as this industry is and with all the competitive ways to fulfill this need to move good, mixed results have been experienced by average investors. The various segments of transportation include railroads, trucking, airlines, freight forwarders, warehousing, and many more. Finding investment opportunities in such companies has been hampered by the cyclical nature of the more »

  • Connections in the Sky

    By Peter Pham - June 27, 2012 | Tickers: FAA.DL, EWM, BA

    As ASEAN inches towards the Asian Economic Community becoming reality in 2015, participating countries are frantically making their preparations in order to meet their obligations under the agreement, while companies here are positioning themselves to take advantage of the new opportunities this regional cooperation is expected to bring.

    The core principles of the union are based on the three pillars of peace (security community), prosperity (economic community) and socio-cultural community more »

  • Delta Air Lines: Best of the Bad

    By Tony Daltorio - May 16, 2012 | Tickers: FAA.DL, DAL, LUV, UAL, LCC

    The airline industry has been a notoriously bad place for investors to put their money over the long term. That is because airlines historically move into the red if the global economy grows at less than a 2 percent rate and recessions do occur every several years. One of the reasons for the sector's poor long-term performance has been that airlines are subject to the whims of the oil more »

  • The Future of American Airlines Is Up in the Air

    By Tony Daltorio - April 11, 2012 | Tickers: AAMRQ.PK, FAA.DL, DAL, UAL, LCC | Editor's Choice

    Investors in airline stocks and also the Guggenheim Airline ETF (UNKNOWN: FAA.DL) are well aware that the parent of American Airlines, AMR (NASDAQOTH: AAMRQ.PK), the third-biggest US carrier, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last November. It did so in an effort to reduce the company's debt burden and lower operating costs after nearly a decade of losing ground to its rivals. 

    Ever since the filing, AMR's competitors more »