China North East Petroleum Holdings

  • Trading Halted? Keep on Trucking

    By Kyle Metivier - April 5, 2012 | Tickers: CGI, CNEP

    I receive more stock recommendations than the average investor. I’m certain of it. My inbox is cluttered with subject lines that scream, “Critical Warning Number Six”, “Stay Away from this Stock”, “This Stock Could Soar”, and “Hi”. If I ventured to take the time to sift through all that mess, I am certain the next great Hollywood screenplay would never get written, and trust me, that’s not what more »

  • He has Your Eyes, What's His Name?

    By Kyle Metivier - January 20, 2012 | Tickers: CNEP, RENN

    Picking out a name for your portfolio shouldn’t be a difficult task. It’s a lot like naming your kids. You certainly don’t want to give it a name that all the other portfolios will make fun of. That would be cruel. And bad investing behavior.

    I have several portfolios, unfortunately, it was during a phenomenally uncreative time in my life, so their names are Will, Rafrendra, Camille more »