Apollo Investment Corp.

  • High Dividend Yields Come at a Price

    By Jordan Wathen - August 1, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, ARCC, CB | Editor's Choice

    We shouldn’t be surprised that high-yield stocks are popular in a low interest rate environment. When the best CDs offer little more than 1% for five-year maturities, 3% yielding blue chips look exemplary.

    Stocks yielding 10% or more look like the opportunity of a lifetime.

    But what are you giving up by chasing high-yield stocks? Are high-yield investors accepting too much risk just to get a taste of high more »

  • Why BDCs Are Lagging the Market

    By Jordan Wathen - July 8, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, ARCC

    Business development companies have been some of the best performers over the past decade. High dividends and a relatively flat market have led BDCs to consistent outperformance.

    This year, though, the biggest business development companies are falling behind. Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: ARCC) and smaller Apollo Investment Corp. (NASDAQ: AINV) are both in the red this year. Let's explore why this industry isn't keeping pace with the market more »

  • Look to Business Development Companies For Yield and Growth

    By Bob Ciura - June 26, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, MAIN, PSEC

    BDC’s, or Business Development Companies, provide a wide range of financial services, often to lower and middle market companies. Many of them charge fixed interest rates for services including debt and equity investments, or buyout transactions. It’s reasonable to think of these companies as similar to private equity firms.

    While these businesses might not be familiar to all investors, they have qualities that should be appealing to nearly more »

  • Get Paid Like a Private Equity Partner

    By Ken McGaha - April 28, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, ARCC, FSC, PSEC

    Private equity investments are usually restricted to people who have a high net worth due to the perceived high level risk and complexity of the investments -- they can also be quite lucrative. For those of us lacking the funds and expertise to participate directly in private equity transactions, one market sector allows small investors to participate. These businesses fall into a classification called business development companies (BDCs) and they provide more »

  • Retirement Mantra: Diversify with Dividend Growth and Reinvestment

    By George Schneider - March 20, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, T, ED, KMP, MCD

    Why diversify your portfolio? Why diversify into companies that show us the money by consistently increasing their dividends? Why reinvestment these ever growing dividends into the very same companies we’ve already diversified into?

    All of these questions can be answered with another question: would you like to retire with a growing stream of income that will protect your purchasing power throughout your retirement years?

    If you answered “yes” to more »

  • Finding the Once and Future Berkshire Hathaway

    By Matt Swayne - March 19, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, BRK-B, BRK-A, MKL, WTM

    If there is a Holy Grail in stock investing, it’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B).  If there’s a Merlin in the investing world, it’s Warren Buffett.  If, a few decades ago, you threw some money behind Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, you would be Camelot-style rich, which is much richer than even Gangnam-style rich.  And while we may have missed the bulk of Berkshire Hathaway’s dramatic rise to more »

  • Are These Investment Companies Worth Your Money?

    By Chris Hodge - March 12, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, CBOE, GS

    The idea of an investment company is a bit of a misnomer. After all, isn't the idea of having individual investments all about planning and thinking for yourself? In a perfect world, there wouldn't be public-style investment companies and expensive mutual funds. But even a Fool, or an idiot such as myself, knows better than that. Let's look at these anachronisms and see if there's any more »

  • Why Main Street Capital is the Perfect Stock

    By Andrew Zurlo - February 26, 2013 | Tickers: AYR, AINV, FSC, MAIN, SLRC

    Main Street Capital (NYSE: MAIN) is an investment firm that provides long term debt and equity capital to lower-middle market and middle-market companies. This company has impressive stock growth over the past few years and will continue to provide investors with strong returns. The reasoning for this comes from strong financial growth, competition-leading cost structure and a high yielding dividend.

    Company background

    Main Street Capital is an internally-managed business development more »

  • Finding the once and future Berkshire Hathaway

    By Matt Swayne - February 24, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, BRK-B, BRK-A, MKL, WTM

    If there is a Holy Grail in stock investing, it’s Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (NYSE: BRK-B).  If there’s a Merlin in the investing world, it’s Warren Buffett.  If, a few decades ago, you threw some money behind Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, you would be Camelot-style rich, which is much richer than even Gangnam-style rich.  And while we may have missed the bulk of Berkshire Hathaway’s dramatic rise more »

  • A BDC Yielding Nearly 10% on the Hunt for Solid Start-Ups

    By Ryan Guenette - February 15, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, BKCC, PNNT, SLRC, TCRD

    A SWOT analysis is a look at a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and is a tremendous way to gain a detailed and thorough perspective on a company and its future. As 2013 begins, I would like to focus on a leading business development company: Apollo Investment Corporation (NASDAQ: AINV).

    <img src="http://stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=AINV&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&i=t63594899914&r=1360452565992" />


    • Stable Growth In Net Assets: In 2009, Apollo reported net assets of $1.39 billion; in 2012 more »
  • Small PE Companies: High Yield Exposure to Smaller Companies

    By Adam Jones - February 5, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, BKCC, GAIN, PSEC, TCAP

    There is a booming market for investments in smaller private companies which are very lucrative.  There are numerous publicly traded companies currently focused on finding small companies to invest in.  These companies’ investments can yield anywhere from 8% to 15% per year.  This return is often paid out to shareholders in the form of large dividends.  The large dividends can result in a substantial total return over long periods of more »

  • BDC's: What Am I Buying?

    By Spencer Houlihan - February 1, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, GLAD, PSEC

    Investors are attracted to the relative high dividend yields and potential capital appreciation of Business Development Companies, or BDC's for short.  BDC's were created by Congress in the 1980's to promote private equity investments in middle-market private companies and small capitalization public companies.  BDC's qualify for favorable taxation in a manner similar to that of REIT's, and must pay 90% of income in order to more »

  • The Best Little Conglomerate You've Never Heard Of

    By AnnaLisa Kraft - January 28, 2013 | Tickers: AINV, LUK, BX

    What do beef processing, a casino, copper mining, mortgage servicings, timber, California wine, and gasification have in common, besides the possibility for a very strange party game? These are just some of the businesses owned by conglomerate investment company Leucadia National (NYSE: LUK).

    It's an intriguing company and its annual letter from the Chairman and President is a must-read, as well written and humorous as any of Warren Buffett more »

  • No Bankruptcy in Retirement, I Hope

    By Robert Zimmerman - December 3, 2012 | Tickers: AINV, EPB, PAA, PSEC

    After celebrating my birthday recently, a certain reality hit home: I have to start thinking more seriously about my retirement.  Reading the executive summary for Social Security reveals I’m looking at a 16% cut in my benefits.  Social Security cuts may be off the table during “fiscal cliff” negotiations,  but one thing is clear: I’m not going to do as well as my father when it comes to more »

  • Small Companies, Big Returns

    By Robert Zimmerman - November 14, 2012 | Tickers: AINV, MAIN, PSEC

    Imagine investing in Microsoft or Apple before they went public.  Pleasant thought, huh?  Who wouldn’t want to be in on the ground floor of a growing company with a groundbreaking idea or product?  For venture capitalists, it’s how they make their living.  Fortunately, in 1940 Congress opened the door for small investors to join the venture capital game.

    Private Equity Results for the General Public

    With the Investment more »

  • 2 Financial Stocks to Buy Today

    By Chad Henage - November 13, 2012 | Tickers: AINV, EV, PSEC, WDR

    I'm always on the lookout for new investment opportunities. To find these ideas, many times I stop by the Fool.com CAPS Screener to try and separate the winners from the losers. Having worked in the financial services industry, I always look for up and coming companies in this segment of the market. Mid-cap. companies can be attractive options as they are not as well followed, yet they have plenty of room for growth. To make sure I find companies that are growing, I asked for stocks in this field that showed at least 10% revenue growth, and at least 20% EPS growth over the last three years. There were two companies that met these criteria that looked like good options at the current time.

  • 5 Small-Cap Dividend Plays for Risk-Embracing Investors

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - November 2, 2012 | Tickers: AINV, MPW, PDLI, PSEC, VGR

    Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) that focuses on dividend stocks can be good sources of ideas about attractive high-yield or high dividend-growth plays. One such ETF is WisdomTree SmallCap Dividend Fund (DES), which invests exclusively in the small-capitalization segment of the US dividend-paying market. The ETF invests in the small-cap companies that “compose the bottom 25% of the market capitalization of the WisdomTree Dividend Index, after the 300 largest more »

  • How to Enhance the Return on Your BDC Stocks

    By Louis Liu - October 22, 2012 | Tickers: AINV

    Most investors buy shares of BDC’s, or business development companies, to generate dividend incomes. As a pass-through tax structure, BDC’s must distribute at least 90% of taxable income as dividends to their investors. So how do you further increase the income you can get from your shares of BDC’s? One way to do it is to write the so-called covered calls on the shares you own.

    I more »

  • How Are Hedge Funds Feeling About the Private Equity Stocks?

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - September 28, 2012 | Tickers: ACAS, AINV, FIG, MCGC, BX

    Facebook Inc. (FB) has caused many a headache in the investing world. After the so-called debacle that was the Facebook IPO, with the company now down 40% since its opening price, we found it interesting that many funds were increasing their stakes in publicly-traded private equity firms that invest in private companies. Many top fund managers stayed invested, or were upping their stakes in the top publicly-traded private equity firms more »

  • An Insider Likes This Private Capital Firm

    By Meena Krishnamsetty - September 13, 2012 | Tickers: ACAS, NLY, AINV, CIM, PSEC

    Prospect Capital (NASDAQ: PSEC) invests equity capital and debt capital in private and public companies with enterprise values of up to $250 million across all sectors with a focus on North American energy and industrial companies. It typically makes a secured loans to portfolio companies that allow Prospect Capital some upside as well in the form of equity. Brian Oswald, who serves as the company’s CFO and CCO, purchased more »

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