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  • Which of These Telecoms will Win in Germany?

    By John Bromels - August 18, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, DT, KKPNY.PK, TEF, VOD


    There's the bell! Round One is on in Germany, the strongest cellular market in the beleaguered Eurozone, and what a match it's gonna be!

    Rival telecom companies including British heavyweight Vodafone (NASDAQ: VOD) and Spanish powerhouse Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) surge onto the mat! They're after a bigger piece of the strudel, but homegrown favorite Deutsche Telekom (NYSE: DT) isn't going to let them more »

  • Carlos Slim’s $9.6 Billion Bid

    By Evan Buck - August 12, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, KKPNY.PK, TEF

    Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire mogul who is the world’s second richest man, plans to buy out the Dutch telecommunications company Royal KPN (NASDAQOTH: KKPNY.PK) for 7.2 billion euros ($9.6 billion). Slim is ratcheting up the battle between his own telecommunications company America Movil (NYSE: AMX) and Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) in the European stage. Will Slim’s $9.6 billion wager come to fruition for shareholders of more »

  • Which Telecom Business Should You Invest In?

    By Anh HOANG - August 6, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, T, VZ

    As the top executives of corporations often possess much more knowledge about the industry and the companies they are running, I often pay close attention to insider transactions. However, insiders might buy or sell stocks for a lot of reasons, including personal expenses or even just to create noise in the market. Thus, investors should look at the business fundamentals, along with the insider transactions to determine the attractiveness of more »

  • European M&A Targets: Top Picks

    By Federico Zaldua - August 3, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, BURBY, TI

    Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activity has been consistently improving in the US.
    On the other hand, in Europe (including the UK), deal-making activity has been extremely sluggish. That said, right now, the outlook seems to be improving for the best as economic confidence ameliorates in the old continent.
    As a matter of fact, deal activity is picking up alongside significant deals such as the ones involving the likes of KPN more »
  • Is Carlos Slim Now “Dumping” Cash?

    By Nicholas Kitonyi - July 25, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, AAPL, GOOG

    The world’s second richest person Carlos Slim Helu invested $40 million in mobile audio app company Shazam. Carlos Slim is the man behind Latin America’s largest wireless carrier network, America Movil (NYSE: AMX). Shazam on the other hand, is a mobile app company, specializing on voice recognition.

    Shazam's audio app enables people to discover and share music, TV shows and ads. The app is available on Windows more »

  • America Movil's Challenges Keep Coming

    By Joshua Bondy - July 25, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, TEF, BX

    The Mexican telecom market isn't known for its quality or affordability. America Movil (NYSE: AMX) is the dominant player, and it has been able to use its strong grip on the nation's infrastructure to fend off competitors. Now, calls for more competition are squeezing America Movil's margins. The company is still a dominate monopolist with strong local connections, but it is important to contextualize its financials.  

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    AMX more »

  • Can These Partnerships Help Prepaid Wireless Carriers?

    By Stephanie Faris - July 11, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, LEAP, TMUS

    A Mexican tycoon's investment in a British company may seem like it wouldn't have a large impact on American consumers. But when the app is as popular as Shazam and the investor is the head honcho of the largest prepaid wireless carrier, America takes note.

    Why América Móvil?

    With this investment, Carlos Slim's América Móvil (NYSE: AMX) has infused  $40 million into the popular app Shazam, which more »

  • AT&T Is Starting to Look Cheap

    By Joseph Harry - June 24, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, T, VZ

    I know what you're thinking. AT&T (NYSE: T) is definitely not cheap at well over 25 times earnings. I would certainly disagree, however, and I also think that the company has a lot of other things going for it that make its shares look attractive at current levels. Let me further explain.

    First of all, valuations...

     P/EForward P/EDividend (Yield)Payout Ratio
    T 26.66 more »
  • 3 Wireless Communication Companies Worth Watching

    By Madhukar Dubey - June 24, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, CHL, VOD

    Currently, there are around 5 billion mobile users in the world, out of which 1.08 billion are smartphone users. Around 84% of smartphone users access the Internet on their phones. An increase in the downloading of applications has led to an increase in data usage by smartphone users. The highest amount of data is consumed by Android users at 582 Mbs a month, whereas iPhone users consume 492 Mbs more »

  • Don't Miss the Fiesta! - Four Solid Mexican Stocks on US Exchanges

    By John Chachere - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, CX, KOF, TV, MXF

    Close to the United States and not without it's share of political attention, Mexico appears to be on the rise like many other developing countries around the world.  Much of the country's income is a result of natural resources. Many have pointed out that our Amigo to the south is one of the fastest-growing economies.  While not perfect, Mexico still offers a lot of potential to the world more »

  • Chuck Akre Is Bullish on Three New Businesses

    By Anh HOANG - May 24, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, MWE, NS

    Chuck Akre is one of the most outstanding and successful value investors in the world. In the past 20 years, he has managed to deliver an annualized return of 13.3%, beating the S&P 500’s annualized return of only 7.9%. In the first quarter 2013, he has initiated several new buys including NuStar Energy, L.P (NYSE: NS), America Movil SAB (NYSE: AMX) and MarkWest Energy Partners more »

  • Why Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Are Getting Richer, and Why You Should Care

    By Hunter Hillman - May 23, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, MSFT | Editor's Choice

    For years, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world, buoyed by his stake in Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)). In 2010, though, he was overtaken by Carlos Slim, a Mexican investor whose holdings in America Movil (NYSE: AMX) account for $49 billion of his $73 billion fortune. However, Bloomberg just reported that Bill Gates is once again the wealthiest man on the planet thanks to a surge in Microsoft's more »

  • Green Dot: Shaking Off the Competition

    By Mark Holder - May 15, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, GDOT, NTSP

    The summary of the Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT) Q1 2013 earnings report had to be that the company was shaking off the increased competition in the prepaid debit card arena. The long-term market leader famously plunged 50%% back in July of last year after forecasting that earnings would be greatly impacted by increased competition primarily from the Bluebird Card via American Express (NYSE: AMX) at Wal-Mart stores.

    Ironically, the leading more »

  • After a Wild Ride, Is This Company Getting Serious?

    By Mike Thiessen - May 14, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, NTL, TEO, VOD

    Over the past year, Buenos Aires-based telecom holding company Nortel Inversora's stock (NYSE: NTL) has been on a wild ride. Unfortunately, this has not been a good thing for investors owning the stock. A trader who purchased the company in Mid-May of 2011 would have paid at least $25 per share for the privilege of doing so. In the subsequent 24-month period, the company's stock has traded in more »

  • Telecom Services in Latin America, Revisited.

    By Damian Illia - May 8, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, TEO, TSU

    Over the past few years wireless data consumption has increased dramatically due to the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, as well as world economic growth.

    Although Latin America’s economic growth has slowed down, there is one more reason to keep telecom stocks in any portfolio: they are defensive. This means that cash flows for telecom companies are relatively stable over the years compared to the rest of the more »

  • Is Mexico The New Land of Telecom Opportunity?

    By Joshua Bondy - May 6, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, T, NIHD

    The Mexican government is looking to increase the quality of Mexico's telecom services after an OECD study found that Mexico is the second most expensive nation in Latin America. America Movil owns the old Telmex monopoly and citizens would like to see better service and decreased prices. At the same time, Mexicans are adopting smartphones with a passion. Some are predicting that smartphones will have a 70% market share more »

  • Mexico: A Look At 3 Companies in 3 Sectors

    By Damian Illia - May 2, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, CX, GMK

    Mexico has economic stability and a forecast for growth. It is competing with Brazil to become the economic darling of Latin America and is challenging China in manufacturing progress. The country’s steady economic growth, fiscal discipline and a stable currency is drawing investors' attention. Here are my top picks among Mexico's market.

    Digging out

    Cemex (NYSE: CX), one of the largest cement companies in the world, reported a more »

  • It's Time to Follow Carlos Slim into his Company

    By Anh HOANG - March 21, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, TEF, VZ

    Carlos Slim, the world’s richest billionaire, has lost around $5.8 billion off his net worth since the middle of February, due to a significant drop in the market price of his company, America Movil (NYSE: AMX). Since Feb. 1, America Movil has decreased by nearly 34.5%, from $25.55 per share to only $19 per share. The significant decline in America Movil’s shares is due to more »

  • A Contrarian View of América Móvil

    By Leo Sun - March 20, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, TV, TEF

    América Móvil (NYSE: AMX), the fourth largest telecom provider in the world, has been a popular target for bears lately, and for good reason. The Pan-American communications giant, founded by Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, is facing an antitrust decision in Mexico that could break apart its vast empire, which has 261.6 million subscribers across 18 countries.

    As a result, sellers have driven the stock down nearly 20% over the more »

  • Carlos Slim Domit Talks Mexico & Beyond

    By Nick Slepko - February 25, 2013 | Tickers: AMX, AMOV, GPOVY, MSFT

    Carlos Slim Domit chair of Grupo Carso (NASDAQOTH: GPOVY) and co-chair of America Movil (NYSE: AMX)(NASDAQ: AMOV) talks about Mexico and beyond.

    [continued from Carlos Slim Domit Discusses the Era of Access]

    Slepko:  By decade’s end, where do you see Grupo Carso and America Movil?

    Slim Domit:  That’s always a difficult question, especially when trying to predict anything in the telecommunications industry.  I think our emphasis on more »

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