• Good Yields With Ex-Dividend Date Tomorrow 2011-12-16

    By DividendYields - December 13, 2011 | Tickers: HKTV, ELRC, GEF-B, HBAN, IRET, RPT, SCX

    Here is a current overview of high yield stocks (stocks with a dividend yield of more than 3 percent) that have their ex-dividend date tomorrow. If your broker settles your trade today, you will receive the next dividend. The ex-dividend date is a major date related to the payment of dividends. If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or later, you will not receive the next dividend payment more »

  • A Sea of Green?

    By Kelley Ryan - December 13, 2011 | Tickers: AMRC, BAMXF, WM

    Nothing feels better than when a company you have invested in not only makes you some cash, but also does something for the greater good. It could be a large donation to a relief fund or making the switch to environmentally friendly packaging. Even better than these glimpses of goodness, however, is finding money-making investments whose main purpose is positive change. It doesn't happen very often, but every once more »

  • In 'LUV' with Southwest

    By Andrew Dillard - December 13, 2011 | Tickers: LUV, BA

    There are few companies of comparable size to Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) that have had such a big 2011.  Southwest has made major competitive and strategic moves that it appears their quest for aerial dominance cannot be stopped.

    Early this year, Southwest acquired the Orlando, FL based Airtran Airways.  This acquisition is the perfect marriage of two low-cost, customer-focused airlines that operate in different regions of the United States, with more »

  • GALP Gets Wet

    By Kirk Spano - December 12, 2011 | Tickers: VE

    In need of a tall cool drink, GALP - Growth At Low Prices for the formal types - has set out to find a great water play for you.  Why?  Because you need a drink too.  I really don't want to see you shrivel up and blow away in the dusty market winds.  Water is the next gold.  It's the next water even.

    Water, water everywhere nor any drop to more »

  • An Analysis of Barron’s 10 Stocks for 2012- Part II

    By Justin Carley - December 12, 2011 | Tickers: CMCSA, FCX, GD, EWH, EWT, LEA, PG, STX, STWD, WDC

    Yesterday I highlighted five of Barron’s ten stocks for 2012 and whether you should follow their advice or swap into a different stock.  Today I will go over their last five recommendations. 

  • American Airlines: A Cheap But Risky Play

    By Tim Brugger - December 12, 2011 | Tickers: ALK, AAMRQ.PK, DAL, UAL

    By now American Airlines(NASDAQOTH: AAMRQ.PK) bankruptcy saga is old news. Investors that follow the company know last month’s announcement was not a matter of if, but when. Company representatives cited high fuel costs as one of the explanations for the filing, and that was certainly part of it. But even more telling were the problems AMR incurred by not filing for bankruptcy (BK) years ago, as other major more »

  • Fed Ex or UPS: Better Decide Fast

    By Tim Brugger - December 11, 2011 | Tickers: AMZN, EBAY, FDX, UPS

    The shipping industry, by most accounts anyway, is back. October wasn’t pretty, but it appears the numbers for November are going to be very strong. Not surprising really since it’s not difficult to imagine more consumers shopping from the comfort of their home. eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and other online retailers have confirmed that to be the case so far this Holiday season. And when they more »

  • DJIA Analysis - 3M Company

    By Nikhil Shamapant - December 9, 2011 | Tickers: MMM

    In finance and investing, the intrinsic value of the market is always an unanswerable but eternally sought number that is the basis upon contention every day throughout the world. Every day, the finance experts continue to make bull or bear arguments about the valuation of the stock market. In many cases, this value is argued based upon historical understanding. Some investors buy and sell the market based on a technical more »

  • Pinnacle Airlines – Crashing and Burning?

    By Eric Lumsden - December 8, 2011 | Tickers: PNCLQ.PK

    Yesterday, Pinnacle Airlines (NASDAQOTH: PNCLQ.PK) announced an ‘all hands to battle stations’ call.  The company is scrambling to negotiate with everyone they could possibly owe money.  Employees, pilots, vendors, debt holders, equipment lessors, and property lessors, were all targeted in the company’s press release.  The company is also trying to bring its mainline airline partners to the negotiating table.

    The 2010 management team may have done an irreparable number more »

  • This Stock is at the Top of My Christmas Wish List

    By Justin Carley - December 8, 2011 | Tickers: GD, TXT

    I just read a quote today, “Buy at the sound of cannons, sell at the sound of violins”, and I immediately thought of the number one stock on my wish list - Textron (NYSE: TXT).  As of this writing, the stock was exchanging hands at $18.22, a long ways from its all-time high of $73.38 just prior to the global financial crisis.  Now the cannon balls have been sounding for quite a while on Textron, but the violins are nowhere in sight.

  • Price The Market Part 3

    By Glen Bradford - December 6, 2011 | Tickers: AAMRQ.PK, CBS, COH, CMCSA, DHI, DRI, DV

    I felt like pricing the entire S&P500 one morning a few weeks ago. This is my attempt to do something that other people would consider impossible because I find it very possible. 

  • Top 10 Global Financial Institutions for Systemic Risk

    By Glen Bradford - December 6, 2011 | Tickers: BAC, BCS, DB, HBC, ING, MFG, RBS

    Deutsche Bank, the German bank that should represent everyone's faith in the German economy since Germany is allegedly the strongest Euronation, tops the charts.

  • Who's minding the seniors?

    By Buzz McClain - December 5, 2011 | Tickers: CVS, PHG

    Who is bold enough to invest in a tech product for seniors? Well, maybe YOU.

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