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To be able to buy or sell any stock I want to in the next few days I will not explicitly mention any stocks in this post. What stocks I currently like can quite easily be inferred from my "fund trades" posts (see here). I use biopharma here as the union of the biotechnology and the pharma sectors and I would like to skip the question what a true biotech company is. As buying ETFs or shares of large market capitalisation companies is certainly less fun than trying to "do much better than the relevant indices" the biopharma (sub)portfolio should be filled to a large part with shares in companies that zzlangerhans calls baby biotechs. I share his preference for those and for bottoms, so I recommend reading these posts.

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A few things corroborating a suggestion that zzlangerhans knows what he is doing and I might.

He is "Emergency room physician, former Harvard magna cum laude in biochemistry, Howard Hughes research fellow, NRSA fellowship recipient and xenotransplantation postdoctoral fellow" and my name can be found on the same page as those of three nobel laureates in physics (see comment #6 here).

part of our "caps" game track record in making calls on "biotech" stocks (my other players (see here) have done "mostly alright" in that area).

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