Gentex SWOT Analysis: No Dim Future

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One of the simplest ways to get an overview of a company's operations is through a SWOT analysis.  Here the main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company are laid out for all to see.   Having been given a 44% haircut in stock price this year, we will take a look at auto-dimming rearview mirror maker, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX), and see if their future is any brighter.


  • 21 Automakers (and growing) currently use one or more variations of the auto-dimming mirrors.
  • Innovation:  Developed new SmartBeam Dynamic Forward Lighting in 2012, along with high beam assist, driver warning systems, and Rear Camera Display mirrors.
  • Basic Monopoly on auto-dimming mirrors with an 88% market share.
  • No debt, a solid balance sheet, and a profit margin of 15%.


  • Low moat:  98% of revenues come from automatic-dimming rearview mirrors.
  • Reliant upon innovation to drive future growth in the rearview mirror market.
  • 20% of employees work for the Research and Developement Team; often takes years for these investments in technology to pay off.


  • Growth in emerging markets: Asian and Western Europe markets are still largely undeveloped for auto-dimming mirrors.
  • Penetration rates for auto-dimming mirrors sit below 50% and 30% in North America and Western Europe respectively; Even lower in Asia at slightly less that 10%.
  • Rear Camera Display Mirrors (RCD's): All new cars made in America may potentially be required to have RCD's by December 2012; Currently sold to 10 Automakers.
  • New product lines in SmartBeam headlamps and auto-dimming windows for aircraft; Higher margin product lines could help fuel a future growth story.


  • 45% of auto-dimming mirror unit shipments are to Europe.
  • Growing number of competitors; Private companies like Ichikoh Industries produce similar mirror-related products and Magna International (NYSE: MGA) is its only competition traded on an exchange.
  • Magna has larger cash flows than Gentex and could prove to be a true competitor as it is the second largest producer of internal and external mirrors.
  • Pricing: Increased competition could lower prices and lead to depressed margins over the long term.
  • Gentex is directly tied to a cyclical and volatile world in regards to the auto industry.
  • In-dash Rear Camera Displays may be more popular with automakers, versus the rearview mirror displays Gentex offers; stock price recently took a hit on this news.

Foolish Final Considerations

With the SWOT analysis presented, Gentex can clearly be seen as the industry leader in auto-dimming rearview mirrors.  With future growth stories in its SmartBeam headlamps, Rear Camera Displays, and a movement towards new global markets, Gentex still has a lot to prove-- and possibly accomplish.

Trading with a PE of only 14 and a Price/Cash Flow of 11, Gentex has a lot to offer, as it is trading well below its historical averages and sports a generous 3% dividend.  While Magna may have lower and more appealing valuations, it struggled more than Gentex during the recession and doesn't have the true growth runway that Gentex does.  Holding a fair Payout Ratio of only 43% and a healthy Cash Flow, I am adding Gentex on CAPS with a 5+ year pick and will keep a close eye on it for my portfolio.

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