Construction and Engineering

  • 4 Winners as Brazil Prepares to Take Center Stage

    By Howard Rothman - February 22, 2013 | Tickers: CAT, DE, FMC, TWI

    Brazil is considered one of the world’s most important emerging nations, and it’s closer to the U.S. in many ways than any other. Still, North American investors rarely focus on the country and its role in global corporate performance. China, Russia, even India — the other members of the famed BRIC quartet of newly developing economies — get the lion’s share of attention. But Brazil is hot, and more »

  • Industry Leader With Growth and a Great Buyback Plan

    By Matthew Frankel - February 5, 2013 | Tickers: AGCO, CAT, CNH, DE

    The world’s largest farm equipment manufacturer, Deere & Co. (NYSE: DE) has proven itself to be a great investment in the economic recovery, having gone from its 2009 low of $24.51 to its current level in the mid-90’s, for a gain of over 275% in just 4 years.  While I can never seem to say “I wish I had bought more stocks in early 2009!” enough, Deere is more »

  • These Companies Could Benefit from Infrastructure Priorities

    By Nate Wooley - January 23, 2013 | Tickers: FLR, JEC, KBR, PWR

    The world has a lot of construction needs at the moment. Beyond housing construction, governments, and large corporations around the world are backed up on infrastructure development. According to the McKinsey Global Institute nations around the world are going to need $57 trillion worth of infrastructure construction by 2030 to keep pace with global GDP growth.

    That is a lot of construction.

    It's spending we could use, too. I more »

  • Looking Deeper into The Shaw Group's Acquisition

    By Anh HOANG - January 7, 2013 | Tickers: CBI, SHAW.DL, URS

    The Shaw Group (UNKNOWN: SHAW.DL) hit the news feeds recently when James Bernhard, the company’s founder, chairman and CEO, sold the majority of his stake after shareholder approval to be acquired by Chicago Bridge and Iron Company (NYSE: CBI) in December. The Chairman and CEO has sold roughly less than a million shares, with the total transaction worth of around $45 million. Denali, the 1.1% owner, criticized the more »

  • Buy Jacobs Engineering Group on Improving Architectural Spending

    By Brendan O'Boyle - December 31, 2012 | Tickers: JEC, KBR, SHAW.DL | Editor's Choice

    Few professionals have brighter hopes in the near future than architects.  The Architecture Billings Index recently rose for the fourth consecutive month to a new post-recession high.  It appears that architecture is back after languishing for years during the Great Recession.  It is expected that a large amount of pent-up demand exists for architectural services and one company that should benefit is Jacobs Engineering Group (NYSE: JEC).

    But why pick more »

  • Digging for Deep Value in Caterpillar

    By Frank Constantino - December 15, 2012 | Tickers: CAT, DE

    Located in Peoria, Illinois, Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) is the worldwide market leader in construction and mining equipment.  The company also manufactures and markets diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives.  Through its financial products arm, Caterpillar offers retail financing of its equipment, engines, and vehicles.  Its large, yellow earth-moving machines are identifiable in almost any part of the world.  Though capital intensive, Caterpillar's business is more »

  • Chinese Bridges are Falling Down, Falling Down

    By Robert Zimmerman - October 3, 2012 | Tickers: ACM, CBI, SHAW.DL, URS

    And the Chinese people are none too happy about it.

    According to the official Xinhua news agency, the collapse of the Yangmingtan Bridge in late August 2012 is the sixth major bridge to collapse in the People's Republic of China since July 2011.  Even more bridges have crashed since 2007.  The government's official response is that overloaded trucks are to blame.  Well, the Chinese are not stupid and more »

  • Mixed Earnings Review for The Shaw Group

    By Tyler Crowe - July 12, 2012 | Tickers: GEN, SHAW.DL, TOSBF

    It is no secret that 2011 was a mixed bag for the heavy construction industry.  While some saw the worst of times in 2010, several players in the industry had to take a long look in the mirror to determine an effective strategy back to profitability.  Today let us look at The Shaw Group (UNKNOWN: SHAW.DL), who just released its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday.

    Despite the 4.8% increase more »

  • Betting on Infrastructure

    By Tim Brugger - March 21, 2012 | Tickers: BIP, CAT, DE, NSC, UNP

    There’s nothing sexy or glamorous about investing in infrastructure. There aren’t new product roll-outs on a weekly basis that change the world as we know it. Nah, these are the companies that quietly go about the business of providing needed highway construction, energy generation, transportation and the heavy machinery needed to accomplish all of this. Nothing too exciting there for investors, right?

    On the contrary, there's actually more »

  • Housing Numbers: Beyond the Headlines

    By Tim Brugger - March 21, 2012 | Tickers: DHI, HD, LEN, LOW, NVR

    From the headlines it would be easy to think that with housing starts down 1.1% in February, investors wanting to cash in on the housing and construction industry need to put the brakes on their euphoria. And if the headlines were all you read that would make sense. But there’s more to this story.

    It’s hard to imagine housing start numbers improving over January’s, which were more »

  • With Rates Staying Low, These Stocks Will Rise

    By Tim Brugger - January 25, 2012 | Tickers: CAT, DE, EXC, F, RAI

    Looks like the Fed meeting turned out about the way analysts and other prognosticators thought -- the Fed will keep rates at essentially nothing for another couple of years. So it’s time to consider the implications and how best to take advantage of the situation.


    From a growth perspective earlier articles have discussed the upside that both Ford (NYSE: F) and Volkswagen (NASDAQOTH: VLKAY) have as sales increases more »

  • 5 Cyclical Stock Picks for 2012

    By Tim Brugger - January 4, 2012 | Tickers: AA, DE, F, UNP, WHR

    A slowly improving economy, low price valuations and strengthening consumer spending numbers all point to a solid 2012 for cyclical stocks. Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments that 2012 is going to be another tough year, Europe will continue to be a drag and who knows how the Iranian situation will end up impacting global oil markets. Yada, yada, yada.

    As we’ve seen this past month, even the more »

  • Caterpillar Moves the Earth in China

    By Tony Daltorio - December 28, 2011 | Tickers: CAT

    The world's largest producer of earth-moving equipment, Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT), has been a believer in the China growth story long before it became fashionable for investors.

    The company opened its first office there in 1978 and started its first Chinese joint venture in 1994. Think about it...having set foot in China more than three decades ago, Caterpillar has seen nearly of China's economic and social change and more »

  • Top 10 Global Financial Institutions for Systemic Risk

    By Glen Bradford - December 6, 2011 | Tickers: BAC, BCS, DB, HBC, ING, MFG, RBS

    Deutsche Bank, the German bank that should represent everyone's faith in the German economy since Germany is allegedly the strongest Euronation, tops the charts.