Gaurav Seetharam

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  • In 2013, Gain Big With Blue Chips

    By Gaurav Seetharam - January 11, 2013 | Tickers: HRL, PG, UL | Editor's Choice

    Now that the manufactured drama of the fiscal cliff is done, we can examine how to weather the actual headwinds of 2013. Europe has a genuine growth crisis and the expiration of the payroll tax cut will hurt the pocketbooks of average Americans. In such times it may be necessary to recall that the Darwinian principle is "survival of the fittest" and not "survival of the biggest." When uncertainty is more »

  • Regulation Won't Change Gun Demand

    By Gaurav Seetharam - December 22, 2012 | Tickers: SWHC, RGR | Editor's Choice

    Last week's tragic mass shooting in Connecticut sparked the age-old debate of gun control. It has been a no-man's zone for moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats who feared political retribution from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The powerful gun lobby has a singular focus and has been successful at keeping gun control off the policy agenda. However, since Newtown investors have added a regulatory risk premium to stocks more »