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  • Pulling it All Together

    By Roger Friedman - August 15, 2013

    Dear Motley Fool Contributors -
    The Blog Network has succeeded!
    In the early days, we had no idea how good the submissions would be, so we kept the Blog Network as a separate, stand-alone content feed. In the 21 months since we syndicated our first post, everyone has, frankly, been stunned by the quality of our bloggers and their contributions -- so much so that today I am incredibly proud and pleased more »

  • Big News from TMF Blog Network

    By Roger Friedman - June 19, 2013

    Dear Bloggers –

    The Motley Fool Blog Network has made several changes to make you love your time with us even more.

    Top of the list, we’ve successfully integrated with Elance, which allows us to pay our contributors two business days after a post is syndicated. Contributors now automatically get their accounts credited on a rolling basis, and they can get their money using the payment method that works best more »

  • So You Want to Write a Blog Post

    By Roger Friedman - June 3, 2013

    Welcome aboard, Fool! We’re glad you’ve joined our blog network. Before you start writing, it’ll help you and us if you know what we’re looking for, and how to work with our content management system.

    Hi, I’m Nathan Alderman with The Motley Fool. In this video, I’ll walk you through some of the basics of blogging for the Fool. Following this advice can help more »

  • If you thought getting paid twice a month was good...

    By Roger Friedman - April 17, 2013

    Dear Foolish Bloggers (Jesters?) –

    This is the last email you’ll be receiving from me, at least in this format. From now on, we’ll be sending our communications through our partner Elance. So if you haven’t posted in the new CMS, you probably haven’t been invited to join Elance, and that means you won’t get future missives from me. If that comes as a relief to more »

  • Faster, More Flexible Payments for All!

    By Roger Friedman - April 2, 2013

    Fantastic news! We are introducing for you a new payment system that offers amazing speed, flexibility, and transparency. Want to be paid after each post is syndicated? Enjoy. Want to save up payments to avoid your bank's fees? Cool by us. Prefer to get your money through PayPal, in euros, or in large sacks of nickels? That can happen through our new partnership with the online work platform Elance more »

  • The Motley Fool Campus Challenge

    By Roger Friedman - March 20, 2013

    Welcome to The Motley Fool Campus Challenge, where college students will vie to prove they are the best at combining intelligent analysis with clear and compelling storytelling. The event kicked off on Jan. 28, 2013 and will end March 7, 2013. For more information or to ask to take part, contact us at  Click here to check out the rules, point system, and prizes!

    College or University more »
  • A New CMS Dawning

    By Roger Friedman - March 5, 2013

    Hi Bloggers!

    We’ve told you it’s coming, we’ve tested it, and now we’re ready to roll it out. The new content management system is here! Thanks to our tech team and our testers, we now have a system that we believe is easier to use and better meets your needs. Some changes you can expect:

    • The system is cleaner and less buggy overall. While it’s more »
  • Blog Reviewer Manual

    By Roger Friedman - February 5, 2013

    As a Blog Reviewer you’ll be helping to make sure that content syndicated through The Motley Fool Blog Network is clean, clear, logical, and Foolish. Although this content is not formally edited, readers still rely on the quality of the information, and it still represents the Fool – that’s our logo on every post. Your job is to make sure that each post that you choose to syndicate to more »

  • Contributor Terms and Conditions

    By Roger Friedman - February 5, 2013



    Thank you for your interest in The Motley Fool Blog Network (the “Blog Network”), a platform that allows the best minds in business and investing to share their most compelling ideas.  While anyone who agrees to the Fool’s Rules can post on the Blog Network, there are some additional terms and conditions (the “Terms”) you need to be aware of more »

  • Contributor Incentives

    By Roger Friedman - February 5, 2013

    Services We’re Looking For

    1. Syndicated Posts

    We appreciate all posts that are contributed to the TMF Blog Network -- at least those that aren’t written in all caps, are plagiarized, or that make outrageous and illogical claims. Some posts, however, are exemplary. They are thoughtful, clear, engaging, and express an interesting opinion regarding business or investing.

    We make it possible to syndicate those posts, sending them to our more »

  • Our Foolish Core Values and You

    By Roger Friedman - January 30, 2013

    Dear Foolish Bloggers -

    We’ve heard from several of our bloggers that another investing site has tried to lure them away from the Fool. We always welcome competition – competitive is actually one of our core values. I'm not sure if this will work, but I’m going to try to use all of our Foolish core values to lay out what we see as our benefits to you, in more »

  • your sessions, our standards, and more

    By Roger Friedman - January 24, 2013

    Hi Bloggers –

    In answer to the question on everyone’s mind, no, we haven’t hacked into Google Analytics to lower your posts’ sessions so we could avoid giving you raises. In fact:

    (a)    We’re actually much more focused on quality over session quantity when it comes to evaluating our bloggers;

    (b)   We got a new tracking link with Google Analytics, which initially didn’t get attached to new more »

  • Now a Chance to Earn $500 for Referrals

    By Roger Friedman - January 4, 2013

    Hi bloggers!

    With an always entertaining Congress unwittingly contributing to a vibrant market and re-energized bloggers charging back after the holidays, it’s been an exciting start to 2013. A couple things of interest for you.

    A Change in our Referral Program

    We’re switching our program to incentivize quality over quantity of referrals. Starting at this exact moment, if you refer a friend, you’ll receive a $100 bonus more »

  • Foolish Seasons Greetings

    By Roger Friedman - December 21, 2012

    Dear Bloggers –

    As we wind down the year, we wanted to take a moment (but only a brief moment because there are posts to be reviewed!) to thank you for all your contributions to The Motley Fool. In terms of the number of bloggers, the number of posts, the number of sessions, the number of contributors who have earned contracts with, and above all, the quality of your more »

  • The Big Winners!

    By Roger Friedman - December 6, 2012

    Hi Bloggers –

    Hope you’re all having a happy, productive, and bloggy holiday season. Here’s the latest:

    Bloggers Getting the Call

    Congratulations to Steven Heller (TopDownTrends), Doug Ehrman (DSEWrites), Daniel Miller (dmiller5350), Asit Sharma (Finosus), and Maxx Chatsko (BlacknGold), five fantastic bloggers who have earned writing contracts with in the past month or two. While we started the Blog Network as a way to give a voice more »

  • Payment Schedule Change

    By Roger Friedman - November 2, 2012

    Hi Bloggers –

    There’s been confusion about what posts are included in which pay period (because we close our books before the pay date), so we’re simplifying our system. Hopefully, this will make it clearer and easier for everyone.

    Effective Dec. 1, we will being using the following payment schedule:

    • All posts syndicated between the 1st and 15th of a given month will be paid on the more »
  • Celebrating Backlog Zero!

    By Roger Friedman - October 25, 2012

    Hi Bloggers –

    We reached Backlog Zero! With a full team now in place to review your posts, your blog review/talent development team has finally caught up with you (or at least did for a few hours yesterday evening).

    At least until we get slammed again with waves of contributions, you can expect rapid (possibly same-day) turnaround on your posts! Great, you say, but I’m out of ideas. All more »

  • to bloggers

    By Roger Friedman - September 12, 2012

    Hi Bloggers!

    I know I just emailed you all late last week – let me say right off the bat, don’t worry, everything’s fine! We just had some timely changes that we figured would interest you.

    First up, we’re now giving our readers the opportunity to dive deeper into a company than the typical 600-word blog post might allow. As a result, you’ll soon be seeing a more »

  • The big winners ... and much more

    By Roger Friedman - September 12, 2012

    To all of the fantastic bloggers who have joined the world’s greatest investing/business/financial blog community (TMF) –

    First, a quick congratulations to all of us as we close in on a year since a small team at the Fool first started discussing the idea of a blog network. We have dramatically surpassed the number of bloggers, the number of posts, the number of sessions, and, most importantly, the more »

  • The Blogger Bonanza and you (and other news)

    By Roger Friedman - August 16, 2012

    Hi Bloggers –

    For the 40 to 50 of you who will be making the trek to FoolHQ tomorrow for the first ever TMF Blogger Bonanza, we’re looking forward to meeting you, and please travel safely as you make your way from destinations including Singapore, Argentina, and Alexandria, Va.! For everyone else, the blog team has been busy preparing the Bonanza and we’ll be preoccupied with it tomorrow, so more »

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