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  • Look Beyond Yield to Win with Dividends

    By Erik Eason - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: CVX, INTC, MSFT, ORAN, STON

    Yield seekers are driving up the prices of dividend stocks, thus suppressing yields. If you are one of those seeking better yields, you have to think differently to beat the crowd. This is especially true for those of you on fixed income, or expecting to be when you retire.

    The Secret Ingredient

    The secret ingredient most dividend investors are blind to is the potential for excellent dividend growth that's more »

  • MAKO Surgical Battles Back into the Ring

    By Erik Eason - March 29, 2013 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO, SNN, SYK, ZMH

    MAKO Surgical’s (NASDAQ: MAKO) fourth-quarter results answered the mail on all three of the Market’s concerns: Strong sales of RIO surgical robots; Record number of surgical procedures; Pricing holds firm while the expense ratio continues to decline. It is a prize fighter back in the ring, yet the Market yawned. So what is it this time?

    In a nutshell: “Show me.” The market wants to see a sustained more »

  • Will MAKO Get Back on its Feet?

    By Erik Eason - January 28, 2013 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO, SNN, SYK, ZMH

    MAKO Surgical (NASDAQ: MAKO) recently pre-released sales quantities to assuage the Market's anxiety, after a rough year of poor sales, over whether it would make its 2012 targets. The sales of RIO surgical robots (15 RIOs) was spot on the middle of their forecast range, and the number of procedures surged back up to an all-time high (2,904), which returned them close to their average number of procedures more »

  • 6 Reasons to Buy This Innovative Disruptor

    By Erik Eason - November 29, 2012 | Tickers: UHAL, CAR, GM, HTZ, ZIP.DL2 | Editor's Choice

    If you want to own a longterm winning company, you have to gain some idea of its grande strategy. One method for gaining such insight is to craft what business schools call SWOT, for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.” Each of these four topics represents a different big-picture lens with which to look at the company and its industry. It enables the managers to establish a plan of action leveraging more »

  • Earnings Report : MAKO Makes the Grade

    By Erik Eason - November 8, 2012 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO, SNN, SYK, ZMH

    MAKO Surgical's (NASDAQ: MAKO) 3rd quarter earnings report came out on Wednesday and it is, along with the subsequent conference call, chock full of valuable and detailed information. That's something I prize in CEO Maurice Ferré: He and his management team know what's important to MAKO's future, and they share a rich bounty of information on those topics.

    As a prelude to this earnings announcement, I more »

  • It's Showtime for MAKO

    By Erik Eason - October 25, 2012 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO, SNN, SYK, ZMH | Editor's Choice

    MAKO Surgical's (NASDAQ: MAKO) earnings report is approaching, and much is riding on the results. Many eyes will read the report, and many ears will listen to the conference call. Let's be prepared so that we, as individual retail investors, can determine for ourselves whether MAKO is successfully navigating the difficult task of bringing mainstream customers onto their sales roster.

    As each earnings season approaches I like to more »

  • Has Zipcar been Unzipped?

    By Erik Eason - September 14, 2012 | Tickers: CAR, HTZ, ZIP.DL2

    Let's face it, America is a lousy place to start a car-sharing company.

    Most of the country's cities were built out of farm towns after the automobile was invented and thus are designed specifically to cater to door-to-door transportation. They sprawl in low density over multiple counties rendering public transit hopelessly expensive and ineffective.  Car ownership is not an option; it is essential to the vast majority of more »

  • 5 Stocks to Teach your Kids to Save and Invest

    By Erik Eason - September 7, 2012 | Tickers: ATVI, DWA, HAS, SBUX, DIS

    Kids are a lot more receptive and capable than we give them credit. They just need to relate personally to a subject to get them fired up and engaged. With that spark ignited, they begin learning like a sponge and begin taking responsibility for the outcome. What better way to get them financially independent and self-reliant in their adulthood than to teach them about how to make their hard earned more »

  • Surgical Robot Wars

    By Erik Eason - August 24, 2012 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO, SNN, SYK, ZMH | Editor's Choice

    The stakes are getting higher. During the most recent MAKO Surgical (NASDAQ: MAKO) conference call, CEO Maurice Ferré noted that they have “gained increasing attention from competitors.” So the heat is officially on ... and this at a time when MAKO's sales have stumbled.

    Who will come out on top of the struggle for robotic supremacy? That is the $64 question facing investors, and we have a lot more than more »

  • Can MAKO Cross the Chasm?

    By Erik Eason - July 30, 2012 | Tickers: ISRG, MAKO | Editor's Choice

    After an exciting four-year run of promising growth, MAKO Surgical (NASDAQ: MAKO) has stumbled in the past two quarters. In response, the stock market has taken it behind the woodshed for two good spankings: down about 30% in May ($40s to $25s) and another 50% hit earlier this month ($25s to $13s). Investors must now decide whether this is the beginning of the end for MAKO or an excellent buying more »