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  • Organic & Natural Food Producers: How Do The Players Stack Up?

    By BA McKenna - August 19, 2013 | Tickers: BNNY, HAIN, LWAY, WWAV

    Consumers' appetites for organic foods have been voracious, driving U.S. sales from $11 billion in 2004 to $27 billion in 2012. Given that organics account for less than 5% of overall grocery sales, there's still plenty of growth potential left.

    An increasing number of food producers are eager to stock their products on Whole Foods Market's and other retailers' shelves in order to get a bigger piece more »

  • Wirelessly-Powered Road-Charged Electric Buses Are Online!

    By BA McKenna - August 19, 2013 | Tickers: BDRBF.PK, QCOM, SI, TSLA

    South Korea now has a 7.5-mile stretch of asphalt roadway that acts as gigantic wireless charging pad for electric buses, two of which began operating on August 6. The technology involves a form of induction charging, which is the tech used in wireless charging pads for cell phones.

    The project

    The Online Electric Vehicle was developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The OLEV buses can more »

  • Organic & Natural Food Retailers: How Do The Players Stack Up?

    By BA McKenna - August 16, 2013 | Tickers: NGVC, SFM, TFM, WFM

    Consumers have increasingly been gobbling up organic foods, driving U.S. sales from $11 billion in 2004 to $27 billion in 2012. Organic food sales grew at an annual rate of 7.4% in 2012, more than double the growth rate for all food sales. Given organics account for less than 5% of overall grocery sales, there's still plenty of growth potential left. 

    Since going public in 1992, first-mover more »

  • A Little-Known Stock That's Outperforming Michael Kors

    By BA McKenna - August 15, 2013 | Tickers: FOSL, ICON, KORS

    Perhaps, at some point, you've donned Ocean Pacific surf or swimwear? Kept dry in a London Fog raincoat? Gifted or worn whimsical Joe Boxer products? Bought a cool gadget from Sharper Image? Came across Cannon, Royal Velvet, or Fieldcrest while in the market for towels? This diverse range of brands has one thing in common: They're all owned by Iconix Brand Group (NASDAQ: ICON).

    Its other brands include more »

  • Why Can't Analysts Get on "Fossil Standard Time"?

    By BA McKenna - August 13, 2013 | Tickers: FOSL, KORS, MOV, SWGAY.PK

    Fossil (NASDAQ: FOSL) shares popped 19% on August 6 after the watch and accessory maker released second-quarter earnings before the market open. If you're a "watch person," you might not be surprised that Fossil didn't give analysts the time of day as it once again beat revenue and earnings estimates.

    A brief recap of the results before we dig further:

    • Revenue rose 11%, beating estimates of an 8 more »
  • A 2013 IPO That's Cashing In on Russia's Cash-Based Economy

    By BA McKenna - August 6, 2013 | Tickers: EBAY, QIWI, V, YNDX

    Where there's a consumer need, the market will usually fill it. That's true in Russia today, too. Qiwi (NASDAQ: QIWI), a provider of electronic payment services, is meeting a strong need among Russian consumers, which is why it might not be surprising the stock has soared 76% since its May IPO.

    A cash is king society

    These stats provide an idea of how cash-based Russia's economy is more »

  • 4 Reasons The "Russian Google" Should Continue Its Roll

    By BA McKenna - August 5, 2013 | Tickers: GOOG, YNDX

    Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX), often dubbed "the Russian Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)," continued its roll when it reported second quarter earnings on July 25. I'm going to cover four reasons Yandex should continue raking in the rubles.

    First, a recap of its quarterly results and business summary:

    • Revenue met estimates, rising 34% to $284 million
    • Earnings beat estimates with non-GAAP EPS of $0.28 and GAAP EPS of $0.27, 47 more »
  • 6 Reasons Starbucks Will Continue Being a Stock Star

    By BA McKenna - August 1, 2013 | Tickers: DNKN, GMCR, SBUX

    Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) closed 8% higher on July 26 after beating earnings estimates when it announced its fiscal third-quarter results the day before. Given its size and valuation, some wonder whether the rock star among coffee retailers still has room to run. I'm going to cover six reasons why its star should continue to shine.

    First, a brief recap of its quarterly results:

    • Revenue increased 13% to $3.7 more »
  • Profit From the Many Going Nuts Over All Things Almond

    By BA McKenna - July 31, 2013 | Tickers: HAIN, SJM, WWAV, WFM

    I love almonds, so when I discovered WhiteWave Foods (NYSE: WWAV), Blue Diamond Growers, and others produced almond milk, it was bye bye soy milk. And when I tasted Hain Celestial's (NASDAQ: HAIN) almond butter, it was adios to peanut butters, such as J.M. Smucker's (NYSE: SJM) All Natural.

    I'm hardly alone, as global demand for almonds and almond milk is soaring, while demand for almond more »

  • Auto Insurers: Does Pricing "Discrimination" Pay?

    By BA McKenna - July 31, 2013 | Tickers: PGR, ALL, TRV

    The Consumer Federation of America recently released a report condemning some insurance companies, such as Progressive (NYSE: PGR), for using education level and occupation to set rates for auto coverage, while commending others, such as Allstate (NYSE: ALL) and Travelers (NYSE: TRV), for not using these factors.

    The CFA calls the practice "discriminatory," while others view it as adept underwriting. Judgments aside, I wondered: Is there a difference in performance more »

  • Just How Important Is the Chinese Auto Market?

    By BA McKenna - July 29, 2013 | Tickers: F, GM, VLKAY

    China this. China that. If you're like me, you've come across many articles on industries ranging from automobile to food that mention the "growing importance of the Chinese market." Then, perhaps one or two stats, if you're lucky. You might feel like screaming:

    "Don't leave me hanging. Show me the numbers!"

    I'm going to show you the numbers -- including how automakers such as Ford (NYSE: Fmore »)

  • Tesla: Goldman's Valuation of a Super Ball Stock

    By BA McKenna - July 24, 2013 | Tickers: SCTY, TSLA

    Shares of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) fell about 14% last Tuesday, July 16, after a Goldman Sach's analyst released a memo outlining a price target of $84, considerably less than the $126 at which the stock opened the day. 

    It didn't surprise me that Tesla's share price largely bounced back the next day (and it continues to recover), for two reasons:

    The market often over-reacts

    Tesla's more »

  • The Wristwatch: Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated!

    By BA McKenna - July 8, 2013 | Tickers: FOSL, MOV, SWGAY.PK

    For well over a decade, many have been declaring the watch industry dead. Apparently, watches have not gotten the memo that they're an extinct species. I know mine haven't – they're face up and ticking – and, given the sales at Fossil (NASDAQ: FOSL), it seems multitudes of their brethren also missed that memo.

    Let's dispute the "cell phones will kill the watch industry" argument. Then, we'll more »

  • Why A Medical Group's Decision Could Be Bullish For Snack Foods

    By BA McKenna - July 2, 2013 | Tickers: BGS, FLO, SJM, LNCE

    In a controversial move, the American Medical Association, or AMA, voted on June 18 to classify obesity as a "disease."

    I don't doubt that many AMA members have good intentions (others' motives are, perhaps, not so pure). However, I think the move is ill-advised.

    Investment implications: the law of unintended consequences

    When there's a major policy change -- either governmental or influential industry group -- there are usually investment implications more »

  • Tesla Motors: 3 Bear Arguments That Should Hibernate

    By BA McKenna - July 2, 2013 | Tickers: DDAIF.PK, NSANY.PK, TSLA, VLKAY | Editor's Choice

    While I agree there are some solid bear -- along with bull -- arguments for Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA), these three common bear arguments should hibernate:

    1. The Model S is more expensive than other EVs (and hybrids)

    This argument goes like this: "The Model S is more expensive than its main competition, the Nissan (NASDAQOTH: NSANY.PK) Leaf and GM's Chevy Volt." The writer then goes on to conclude that Tesla more »

  • Top 10 Performing Large Cap Stocks Through First Half of 2013

    By BA McKenna - July 1, 2013 | Tickers: CELG, LNKD, SBUX

    As the first half of 2013 ends, let's look at the year-to-date top performing (and profitable) large cap stocks. Our goal is to identify some winners (and/or their peers) that look like winners going forward.

    There are 557 large cap stocks (market caps of $10 billion plus) in the universe. I narrowed these down to those with a positive P/E (profitable over trailing twelve months more »

  • Electronics: The Next 3-D Printing Frontier

    By BA McKenna - June 25, 2013 | Tickers: SSYS, XRX

    The current 3-D printers can spew out objects made from plastics, metals, ceramics, and other materials, but there's one notable thing they haven't yet been used to produce en masse – electronics. That's a biggie in today's world, where electronics are embedded in many commonplace products.

    Here are three entities which are working in diverse ways on using 3-D printing to produce electronic components and products.

    Optomec more »

  • Looking for a Tech Stock? Check Out Forbes' "Fastest Growing Tech Companies"

    By BA McKenna - June 21, 2013 | Tickers: DDD, IPGP, LNKD, SSYS

    Want to find a winning tech stock? Forbes' America’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies is a good place to start.

    Forbes' list -- which was released on June 5 and will appear in the magazine's June 24 issue -- is in its 11th year. According to Forbes, "Since 2003 a market-cap-weighted basket of each year’s Fast Tech 25 has beaten the Nasdaq, often by a wide margin, except in 2005 more »

  • Did You Know There Are Two 3-D Printing Industry Indices?

    By BA McKenna - June 19, 2013 | Tickers: DDD, XONE, SSYS

    Crank out a gold and silver medal, 3-D Systems (NYSE: DDD), Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS), The ExOne Company (NASDAQ: XONE), or Arcam! They go to the Germans and a Swiss/German team, respectively, for developing 3-D printing industry indices. 

    I figured it was only a matter of time before 3-D printing indices were developed and marketed, given 3-D printing is expanding beyond a techie topic and entering the mainstream consciousness. 

    Structured more »

  • GE Beefing Up 3-D Printing Muscle Via Open Engineering "Contests"

    By BA McKenna - June 13, 2013 | Tickers: XONE, GE

    General Electric (NYSE: GE) is calling on those in the maker community to put their imaginations to work and help it expand the boundaries of what is 3-D printable.

    On Tuesday, GE announced at the RAPID 2013 Conference that it's launching two 3-D printing "quests." The first is a 3-D Printing Design Quest for an aircraft engine bracket. The other is a 3-D Printing Production Quest for complex and more »

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